Explore the Latest in Home Plans


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Explore the Latest in Home Plans

Finding a Home to Fit Your Lot

House Plan 1952 is a great example of a luxurious home on a narrow lot.

When searching to find the perfect home, one of the worst things that could happen is finding your dream plan, only to realize that your lot can’t accommodate it. Don’t let the features or limitations of a lot get in the way of building a beautiful home. Rather, consider buying a lot in your ideal location first, and then finding a house plan that is specifically designed to accommodate the features of the space.


Fall in Love with Tiny House Plans

House Plan 4075

Whether you want to move or are new to the housing market, finding the right home can be stressful. As people seek the right amount of space, there’s been an increasing trend towards opting for tiny houses. While such modest living may not be your first thought, consider the many benefits a tiny home can provide. From helping to downsize and minimizing clutter to providing a cost-effective living situation, a tiny house may be exactly what you’re looking for. And tiny house plans come in all forms and can accommodate many lifestyles, with countless options to choose from. Here’s why customers love designs from our Tiny House Plan Collection, all 1,000 square feet or less!


Why You Should Build an Energy-Efficient Home

House Plan 6077

Choosing your new home at the blueprint stage gives you the power to make decisions that lower environmental impact and save money for the long term. With so many reasons to commit to building green, you’d be remiss not to have energy efficiency on your must-have list! Here’s why energy-efficient house plans make such great homes, no matter your needs or location.


Why You'll Love a House Plan with Simple Style

House Plan 4683

When you shop for a new home to build, you probably come prepared with a list of criteria including the square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any specific features you want. Then you peruse a variety of homes that offer what you’re looking for, and you find they come in all sorts of shapes and styles. Which do you opt for? Some people like complicated structures with detailed façades, while others prefer a simpler aesthetic. If you’re still on the fence, here are the practical reasons why so many love simple house plans.


The Advantages of One-Story Living


Maybe you’ve noticed that single-level living arrangements seem to be growing in popularity. Far from limited to just small cottages and modest ranches, you can find one-story house plans in every size and style. You might be wondering what’s driving the demand for these homes, and if you should jump on the bandwagon. Even if you’ve always imagined moving into a two-story house, here are some reasons why people love living on one level, and why you might want to consider it, too.