Learn About Durable & Sustainable Cladding


Beautiful and durable exterior products will help set your home apart! Make sure to consider your architecture and surroundings when selecting siding materials to create attractive, balanced curb appeal.

Learn About Durable & Sustainable Cladding

Durable Wood for Exterior Applications

Kebony Character Cladding

Many people love the look of wood on their homes, but they’re afraid to invest in a natural material that can be damaged by the elements. And very few of today’s homeowners have the time or skill to perform regular maintenance and maximize the lifespan of exterior wood. That’s why synthetic and composite alternatives have grown so popular, but they don’t provide the same appeal as natural wood and eventually end up as plastic waste in landfills. If you’d like an eco-friendly, real-wood solution that performs well through the seasons without upkeep, look into modified wood!


Cladding That Complements Your Exterior

Kebony Cladding

Finishing your home’s exterior gives you plenty to think about, and one of the first things you’ll decide is what to use on your walls. Have you considered cladding? Although often used synonymously with siding, cladding is actually thicker, more durable, and installs without overlapping. It also creates a rainscreen system because it isn’t nailed down against the waterproof wall sheathing; furring strips or rails keep the cladding securely in place while maintaining a gap between the exterior wall surface and the boards to allow drainage and evaporation. This nifty arrangement blocks the wall from the vast majority of moisture from the get-go, but it’s also prepared to release any that infiltrates the gap before it can cause damage. Rainscreen cladding is preferred in very wet climates, but it can provide peace of mind elsewhere, too.


High-Performance Vinyl Siding Options

Ply Gem Mastic Cedar Discovery

When it comes to choosing siding for your home, it can be hard to find the right balance between cost, looks, and durability. There are so many diverse options that many homeowners have trouble making the final decision, but they often find that vinyl siding checks all the boxes. It offers a variety of attractive profiles and colors at an affordable price. It’s the most popular siding choice in the United States and can be engineered to withstand the environmental challenges of different regions—here’s how vinyl siding can perform to meet your expectations!


Reasons to Consider Prefinished Siding

Northwest Factory Finishes (LP)

It’s harder for the average person to choose exterior products for their new home than interior finishes, but that’s no reason to be an uninformed consumer! If you’re starting to look at siding, you might be wondering if prefinishing is worth your while. It turns out that prefinished siding is actually perfect for the average consumer, and here’s why!


Choosing House Siding for Your Region

LP SmartSide Cedar Shake Siding

Even though a new house built near the coastline of Maine might look similar to another constructed in the Arizona desert, their exterior finishing products must be carefully chosen to ensure they can stand up to their climates. Not only do you risk having to replace siding if it’s easily damaged by the elements, but it can compromise the integrity of your home and lead to costly repairs. Be aware of your needs as you shop around—here are some important points you’ll want to keep in mind.