Get Ready to Dive into a Beautiful Pool

by Lauren Busser Direct from the Designers™’ Editorial Director

Summer officially kicks off on June 21st, and as schools close and temperatures rise, we know you are itching to dive into a beautifully designed pool of your very own. Whether you are looking to redesign the area around your existing pool or you want to install a brand new one, here are some great ideas to make your pool and outdoor living space a fun and relaxing oasis you are sure to enjoy all summer long.

Geometric pools like the Claremont from Viking Pools give you the elegance of a freeform pool within the space of a rectangle.

Viking Pools Claremont

Geometric Designs

In past years and today, 'freeform' swimming pools have been a very popular option. Freeform pools allowed for every pool’s shape and design to be unique. More recently we've been introduced to the option of 'geometric' swimming pool design. As the name suggests, these pools are built in geometric shapes or combinations of them and range in design from circles to squares and rectangles, to stepped or bent rectangles, L-shapes, or even combinations of straight and curved sides. A key benefit with geometric swimming pools is that they allow for better use of available space than curvy freeform pools.

Although the shape is geometric you still have many opportunities to add your own personality to the mix. Designers, builders and homeowners may enhance and customize these designs with water features and masonry or rock structures, landscape lighting, outdoor furnishings and more.

Belgard® pavers are designed to be strong, durable, and eco-friendly, ensuring that your patio will stand the test of time. Featured here are the Mega-Lafitt® pavers which have the most natural looking texture of any modular pavers.

Belgard Mega-Lafitt Pavers

Hardscape Pavers

One design element that we love this year is the introduction of hardscape pavers. Long associated with patio areas, walkways and driveways hardscape pavers make a great contrast with the tranquil softness of water, and the growing hardscape trend is now a big design hit in poolside areas.

Belgard® has several great options for your outdoor living area. Their selection of pavers lets you add anything from old world charm to contemporary flair to your pool and patio. The variety of shapes, styles and tones available help you create just the right personality for your poolscape by creating eye-catching designs that completely transform your outdoor living space. Not only are Belgard® pavers stylish but they are also designed to be durable, strong, and environmentally friendly, ensuring that your patio will stand the test of time.

Consider adding a grotto like this one from Viking Pools. A grotto, especially situated over a spa can feel like an outdoor oasis and make your own pool feel like that of a luxury resort.

Viking Pool Grotto

Create a Backyard Resort

Remember when we told you that geometric pools allowed for better use of backyard space? In addition to this they give you more room for custom features. You can add things like waterfalls and fountains for a relaxing water feature or you can built rock features and grottos to accent the natural landscape. Fun additions like a custom waterslide or spa will enhance the experience and give your family and friends hours of enjoyment.

This outdoor living space showcases Belgard’s® Eco Dublin® pavers. The use of these pavers tie together the outdoor kitchen and the outdoor living room, making the space feel unified.

Belgard Eco Dublin Pavers

Multi-Use Spaces

As you are designing your pool, don’t be afraid to think about other outdoor living spaces. Are you thinking of barbecuing, entertaining or spending a few weekend afternoons tanning? Are you considering adding an outdoor kitchen? Think about how these elements will work together in your initial design. If you are planning to use pavers, consider how they will transition from one area to another and tie different areas together. Different paver shapes and colors may be used to softly delineate spaces while still unifying them as a whole.

Don’t be afraid to light up the outdoors with beautiful accent lights from LAMPS PLUS®. This beautiful patio makes use of ceiling, accent, and floor level lighting to create a safe yet intriguing outdoor space.

LAMPS PLUS Outdoor Living Room

Decorative and Architectural Lighting

Lighting is an often underutilized feature in poolscapes. There are lots of ways to incorporate lighting into your design, from underwater LED lights, to path lights around the pool, to accent lighting around your poolscape. Such additions can really add drama to these areas while also making them safer to navigate after dark.

Lights should not only be installed in and around the pool but the further areas surrounding it. With the right lighting design you can create the illusion of an entirely different and inviting landscape once the sun goes down.

If you are thinking of adding a pool this summer or you simply want to make the pool you have more luxurious, we know that implementing some of these design ideas can transform an ordinary pool area into an extraordinary space that you'll enjoy now, and for many summers to come.

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