Millwork and Trim That Adds Serious Curb Appeal


Use columns and millwork to dress up your home’s curb appeal! Our architects make use of a wide range of products to address all sorts of trim and decorative needs.

Millwork and Trim That Adds Serious Curb Appeal

The Basic Types of Crossheads to Know

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Planning an exterior design for your home is a lot more than choosing colors and landscaping. Acquaint yourself with the finer details early so you know what to look for! Windows and doors naturally draw attention, but you can give them architectural flair and set the tone for a façade with your choice of trim. The crosshead, which sits on top, gives you the most to work with in terms of style, so here are some types to consider.


Shutters for Every Architectural Style

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Decorative shutters can really enhance a home, and the effect on curb appeal is that much more when they’re the right style. If you haven’t given them any thought before, you may be surprised by the multitude of options available, and the personality each imparts. Check out some of the most popular shutter styles right here!


How to Dress Up Your Gables

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Gables—a sometimes undermined portion of the house that gets overlooked. Don't let yours fall flat! By taking the time to dress up your gables, and tailor them to the design of your house, you will create a well-rounded aesthetic that does wonders for curb appeal. Let’s have a look at a few options for decorating all kinds of gables.


Adding the Right Columns for Your Home

Fypon Plain Non-Tapered Column Wraps

Architectural elements make a home stand out, whether they are purely structural or decorative in nature. From the façade through the interior, finer touches that complement a house’s style are a sure way to amp up its appeal and increase property value. The column is still one of the most common elements in use, so here’s how to use columns to your design advantage!


Why You'll Love Polyurethane Products

Fypon Moulded Millwork Production

Millwork is perfect for breathing life into your architecture, but wood can be more trouble than it's worth sometimes. That's why polyurethane moulded millwork is gaining popularity, because it's just as beautiful and won't be damaged by water or insects. You can even paint and stain it to make it suit your taste perfectly!