Beautiful Overhead Beam Design Ideas

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Visible overhead beams in homes used to be a structural necessity, but thanks to stronger materials and advanced building techniques, that need has greatly diminished over the years. Luckily, if you still love the look and want to incorporate these elements into your interior design, you can! Here are some ways to use beams to capture the look you want!

Fypon Rough Sawn Beams

This gorgeous truss system uses refined Rough Sawn beams, which offer the perfect natural touch for a sleek modern space.

The Beauty of Faux Beams

Natural wood beams are a challenge to work with, and near impossible to install as an afterthought. They’re heavy and require specialized support systems and a lot of manpower to mount, so they need to be carefully planned and come with a spendy final price tag. If that’s out of your budget, your home isn’t equipped to handle it, or you’re looking for a simpler solution, faux beams with authentic woodgrain texture could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Synthetic beams are lightweight and non-loadbearing, but you might think otherwise due to their perfect mimicry of the real thing. A leader in synthetic millwork, Fypon® has four wood texture profiles to consider, each with its own refined or rustic flair. These beams are attractive when applied directly to the ceiling, and with beam tops and end caps, the decorative truss system of your dreams can become a reality. Just come up with a design and use the stain or paint of your choice to perfectly match your vision. The usual concerns that come with wood don’t apply with these faux beams—their polyurethane construction makes them impervious to moisture and insects, so you can enjoy them without worry!

Fypon Tahoe Beams

These darkly stained Tahoe beams are arranged in a classic lattice pattern, giving this Mediterranean home a ceiling accent that complements its formal vibe.

Decorative Beam Designs

Whether you have conventional flat or voluminous cathedral ceilings, there are a number of beam design possibilities. They can be laid parallel, crosshatched, or fanned out to fill a round room, amping up the ceiling with dimensionality not found elsewhere. And why let soaring volume fall flat when you can fill it with character that complements the rest of your interior? Designs that imitate ceiling joists are popular, as are trusses that fully furnish the space above. Just be sure to take stock of the parameters of your rooms before getting your heart set on anything specific.

Examine the shapes afforded by your home. If you have a traditional home with formally defined rooms, beams are perfect for giving certain spaces a dose of individuality. Dens and offices, which tend to be set apart from the rest of the interior, are great places to try first if you’re unsure of committing to beams in the main living space. When you have an open floor plan, all of your design decisions take center stage, so carefully planning the style, color, and arrangement to use is critical. Many homeowners also enjoy the homey touch of overhead beams in the privacy of their master suites, where coordinating isn’t as complicated. In any case, you can always ask a professional for assistance to make sure your choices are the right ones for your house.

Fypon Hand Hewn Beams

The beam straps that finish these rustic Hand Hewn beams to the wall punctuate the look with a pop of dark metal color, balancing the otherwise very light and bright interior by drawing attention up.

Fitting Finishing Touches

Beams grab attention on their own, but just like anything else, they have accessories to complete the look you’re after. Undressed beams tend toward the modern side, while beam straps and beam plates, which are used to hide seams between pieces of large systems, bridge the transition from beam to wall, and add some more variation and visual interest, are great for adding extra old-fashioned or rustic appeal. Choose between smooth and hammered texture straps and plates to imbue the right personality for your design, and consider where you’d like to incorporate them. This is a case where less is more, but that little bit can have a huge style impact.

Check out the Polyurethane Woodgrain Beams available from Fypon® if you’re ready to add some built-in beauty to your interior design! A variety of products are available to complement every house, and don’t forget that you can easily color them to fit your exact preference. Find a local dealer to get started today!

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