Beautiful Waterproof Flooring for Your Bathroom

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Choosing products to complete a bathroom is a balancing act that weighs durability, beauty, and cost against one another—and it’s an investment that should last a good long while. Lingering moisture and the risk of standing water are real concerns, and that’s why only the most impervious and durable materials should be selected for this tricky space. The days of boring bathroom floor tile are gone; here are some gorgeous wood-look options that elevate design without sacrifice!

Tranquility Edgewater Oak LVP

With beautiful grain patterns and a range of neutral tones for contrast, Tranquility Edgewater Oak LVP flooring is a unique yet budget-friendly option for the bathroom. It’s easy to install and clean, too!

Luxury Vinyl Plank

The most budget-friendly choice, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is right at home just about anywhere. It’s available in a wide range of realistic wood prints and embossed for texture, so you can try to match the hardwood used for the rest of the interior or give the bathroom its own unique style. Of course, you can install it throughout your home and enjoy the convenience that it offers; it has a protective top coat that resists damage from heavy traffic and you can wet mop it freely, so you don’t have to be afraid of living on your floors or worry about how to clean them safely.

LVP flooring only costs about one to three dollars per square foot, but you wouldn’t guess by looking at it. Better yet, it’s inexpensive to install and easy enough for DIYers to do themselves with peel-and-stick, glue-down, and click-together installation options. In the past, synthetic flooring like LVP has gotten bad press for the potential to off-gas harmful chemicals, but now many manufacturers have stepped up to formulate safer versions and get them certified for indoor air quality by third party testing firms. Man-made flooring has many practical advantages to offer, so just be sure to select one that meets standards meant to keep you safe, too. It’s a bargain everybody can appreciate!

CoreLuxe Engineered Sandbridge Oak EVP

This Coreluxe Engineered Sandbridge Oak EVP offers natural wood looks and texture, and its extreme durability extends beyond its waterproof nature. It stands up to high traffic and resists denting even from heavy objects—perhaps you were thinking a claw tub?

Engineered Vinyl Plank

Next in line is engineered vinyl plank (EVP), which is like LVP but has a rigid PVC core beneath the vinyl veneer. As a result, each piece is much stiffer and easier to install, and the higher density makes the floor more resistant to damage from heavy furniture. Of course, it’s still waterproof and suitable for the bathroom, and it also comes in a variety of wood colors, patterns, and textures. From pristine exotics to rustic and reclaimed looks, you can give your bathroom floor a makeover nobody expects.

The cost of EVP flooring is fairly comparable to LVP, coming in between two and four dollars per square foot. The added dimensional stability is worth the investment for many homeowners because it creates a higher performance product that’s just as easy to clean but even more effortless to install, so it might save some time and money in that respect.

Lumber Liquidators Felsen Port Haven Oak Click Ceramic Plank

Felsen XD Port Haven Oak Click Ceramic Plank is a surprisingly easy to install product with the proven hardwearing and waterproof qualities of ceramic. If you want a beautiful bathroom floor done quickly and with a material you know well, this is a great choice.

Click Ceramic Plank

Fairly new to the market, click ceramic plank (CCP) has many of the practical benefits of old-fashioned ceramic flooring, but its major draw is that it is much easier to install. CCP has an extremely durable ceramic blend core with a high-definition wood image printed on top. It tends to be warmer on its own and is likelier to be mistaken for real hardwood than a more traditional wood-look tile. But like tile and unlike LVP and EVP, it is suitable for use with an underfloor heating system.

At three to four dollars per square foot, CCP is on the more expensive side. It can be floated over most existing floors and clicked in place quickly, so the trade off is reduced prep time and labor. Homeowners also appreciate CCP's long lifespan and the warranties that back it up, so don't forget to consider that variable when making your decision.

Avella Autumn Oak Porcelain Tile

Reimagine the drab bathroom tile you’re used to seeing with a gorgeous wood-look choice like Avella Autumn Oak Porcelain Tile. It’s an attractive mimic with the extreme durability you know and trust, and you can even install subfloor heating beneath it.

Wood-Look Tile

If you thought you never wanted to see another tiled bathroom floor, it’s time to think again. Plain square tiles are out and planks are in, and they come with the authentic appearance of hardwood just like other manufactured flooring products. Wood-look tile is more resistant to humidity fluctuations and denting than LVP and EVP, and it has been used with underfloor heating systems for many years.

Wood-look tile is labor intensive as it requires traditional grout and mortar installation that is best left to a professional. It is the strongest and most resilient choice out there, though, and after the extra effort of its installation, it repays with the lowest maintenance compared to other floorings over its exceptionally long lifespan. You can expect to pay two to four dollars per square foot for wood-look tile, but remember that the cost to install will definitely make it the most expensive product overall.

Whether you’re shopping for the bathroom, kitchen, or basement, it’s a good idea to invest in waterproof flooring, and luckily, Lumber Liquidators has plenty of options to choose from. Find your local store to see them in person and find the beautiful and durable floor of your dreams!

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