Beautiful Wood Grain Options for Your Entry

by Jordan Koonts, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

Your home’s first impression is everything and a proper front door can go a long way towards an inviting feel. Varying styles of front doors are often overlooked or forgotten when designing a house. However, it is perhaps the most crucial piece of your home’s curb appeal. Whether you have a modern home with a unique flair or a country styled home with an inviting front porch, there is a perfect front door style out there, fit just for your needs.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Oak Collection

The swirling grains of the Classic-Craft® Oak Collection coupled with the ability to customize make this door a fresh take on a classic style.


Perhaps one of the most versatile and popular front door styles for many homes is the traditional oak look. The Classic-Craft® Oak Collection offers a unique and superior take on this tried and true style. It delivers beautiful swirling grain patterns, mimicking real wood down to the smallest details, and you can stain it to the perfect hue for your desired appearance.

This impeccable design is coupled with the Therma-Tru® fiberglass composite, an industry leader in strength and reliability. And with options to add everything from ornate glass inlays to sidelites and transoms, the front door of your dreams can become a reality. Oak doors complement almost any style home, from a traditional brick ranch to even an ornate Craftsman.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Mahogany Collection

The look and feel of the Classic-Craft® Mahogany Collection makes these doors the perfect accent to your luxurious home. The grains and feel perfectly mimic Honduran mahogany, a highly coveted wood.


There’s nothing quite like the look of a luxurious home. The Classic-Craft® Mahogany Collection offers that extra touch of detail to complete your house. As an exotic and pricey wood, this collection brings the look of mahogany to your door with better energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact, and at only a fraction of the price.

The AccuGrain® technology used by Therma-Tru® gives each door the unmistakable grains of mahogany, and you can complete the formal vibe with the unique reddish color of the wood. In fact, this collection is all but identical to true Honduran mahogany, even down to the touch. These doors go perfectly with ornately designed homes such as Victorian and colonial styles, giving them a bit of luxury and class to complete their façades.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Rustic Collection

The rustic feel and appearance of Douglas fir from the Classic-Craft® American Style Collection pair perfectly with any Craftsman or rustic style home.

Douglas Fir

In recent years, Craftsman styled homes have exploded in popularity. With a Craftsman design, every detail is taken into consideration, including the front door. The Classic-Craft® American Style Collection offers the perfect touch of detail to complete this look. The Douglas fir grain patterns are paired with fiberglass construction you can trust. Much like real Douglas fir wood, this collection offers a softer wood look with a straight grain style. The grains go perfectly with any home’s rustic or Craftsman style choices. If you so desire, the door can be stained into the shade of your choice, giving it a fresh or well-worn appearance, all while retaining the natural look and feel of Douglas fir.

Therma-Tru® Doors offers stylistic freedom for you to pick a unique door that suits your home perfectly. Make a statement with your entry and choose the front door style that is right for your home and become the envy of your neighborhood. Find your local dealer for style guidance and to help you select the best look for your home!

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