Brighten Your Home with Creative Wallcoverings

by Lauren Busser Direct from the Designers™’ Editorial Director

If you've grown tired of boring white/off white walls and would like to give each of your rooms a unique personality, we've found some new, trending wallcovering ideas that we'd like to share with you.

Bold and Beautiful Colors

BEHR’s® Essential Teal is a stunning saturated color that will energize your space.

BEHR Essential Teal

At the heart of all these trends is a bold color choice. The way color is used in a space can enhance our state of mind and stimulate our senses. The trick in using color for your home’s interior design is to balance it with the color of your drapes, furniture, and trim. In the photo above, BEHR® uses white trim and a selection of warm brown tones to make the space sing.

Pop Art

Feeling adventurous? Try this Trippy Orange Wallpaper from Graham & Brown on for size. For any sharp-eyed television fans, you may have seen this wallpaper on the CBS sitcom, 2 Broke Girls.

Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Ever find yourself looking at some of Andy Warhol’s art and really loving it? While you might not want Marilyn Monroe or a can of Campbell’s plastered over your whole room you can still use pop art as an element in your interior design.

To get a graphic look select geometric, linear, or small floral prints. For a timeless and retro look you can go with a black and white design. If you like the look but don’t want it to overwhelm your whole space, you can use it as an accent wall. To keep it from dominating a room, stick to one wall and use it as an accent.

Inspired By Mother Nature

This floral wallpaper is called Wonderland from York Wallcoverings®. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Wonderland this whimsical wallpaper updates a traditional floral print with a dash of orange.

York Wallcoverings Wonderland Wallpaper

Mother Nature will always be an influence when it comes to home design. You can add green walls and indoor water features, but if you want to keep it simple, go with a floral wallpaper. Floral designs comes in a variety of prints from subtle bouquets to bold and beautiful blossoms. There are also a wide array of colors available from shades of gray and neutrals, to bright and bold pastels.

A New Neutral

Secret Blush by BEHR® gives this bathroom an airy feminine feel.

BEHR Color Trends 2015 Bathroom

And you don’t have to leave pastels in the nursery. Add a dash of a new neutral to a space in your home to create a relaxing and dreamy vibe. These new neutrals have the subtlest hint of color and make it easy to add a touch of your favorite tone without a big impact. Sprinkle pops of color into your space with bright wall art or furniture and you will have a harmonious space that you will love for years to come.

Warm and Rustic

The Stikwood® Reclaimed Weathered Wood White has a natural weathered texture that contributes to its rustic white finish.

Stikwood Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

Wood accents are another way to bring a bit of nature into your home. We love the rustic look of wood walls for the warmth they add to a room. There are many ways to add this style into your room but one of our favorite products is Stikwood®. Available in a variety of colors this peel-and-stick installation makes it easy to make a headboard, a stylish island, or an accent wall.

The easy peel-and-stick installation means it is easy to install this product yourself. Celebrity mom, Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum recently used this brand when decorating her child’s nursery.

Photo as Art

Repeated patterns don’t have to be geometric. They could be as simple as a repeated photo. Here you can see how York Wallcoverings® Coastal Library adds another dimension to the space.

York Wallcoverings Coastal Library

Floral wallpaper may never go out of fashion, but wallpaper isn’t just about the pretty floral look anymore. Homeowners today will choose patterns depicting bicycles, dogs, sailboats, or anything that makes a statement about themselves.

A growing trend is to pick out photographic wallpaper where a photo is on display. In the above photo, you can see how a bookshelf print can create the illusion of space, but you can also select murals that will make for a great accent wall. Check out the Star Barn Mural for a piece of beautiful wall art with no frames required.

Accent Walls

This contemporary dining room from BEHR® features a Sonic Blue accent wall.

BEHR Sonic Blue

The key to using bright colors successfully is to pair them with neutrals. Try anchoring one particular space in your home with one brightly colored accent while the other walls are painted in a neutral, dark, or light hue. You can add in decorative touches to tastefully bring your bright color choice through your space.

Whether you want a bold accent wall or a more classical palette these wallcovering and paint trends will give your home a modern look that your family will love.

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