Considerations When Designing a New Bathroom

by Tracy Thomas, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

Designing a bathroom is an exciting task, and like everything you might design in your new house, a good bathroom requires a lot of planning, information, and careful thought. Don’t leave any decisions to the last minute—you want this space to be totally comfortable and functional, and there are tons of options to consider. Here are different aspects of bathroom design to think about!

Signature Hardware 60" Bradenton Drop-In Tub

Signature Hardware® offers all sorts of bathtubs. This 60" x 32" Bradenton Acrylic Drop-In Tub is a nice low-maintenance option, and you can even add whirlpool or air bath functions for a spa-like experience at home.

A Great Tub

If your design includes a tub, there are plenty of stylish options to choose from. An inset bath allows you to include additional tiling, which can be a focal point. Even a standard tub-shower combo doesn’t have to be boring when you give it a pop of personality.

A freestanding bath itself is a stylish focal point, whether it’s an old-fashioned claw foot tub or a sleek contemporary shape. There are so many different looks and you can choose the shape and cut that works for your design vision.

Don’t forget to look into extras! Adding a bathtub with jets is a great way to add a little luxury to your everyday life. Maybe an insulated tub would allow you to enjoy longer relaxing baths. You never know what you’ll find that’ll elevate your experience.

Signature Hardware 72" Benoist Double Vanity

The 72" Benoist Reclaimed Wood Double Vanity for Semi-Recessed Sink from Signature Hardware offers closed drawers and slat shelves to keep the bathroom feeling open and provide hidden storage space for all your products.

A Functional Vanity

With the number of stunning designs available, it’s easy to choose a vanity purely on its looks. You will need to decide whether you want a wall-mounted model or one that sits on the floor, and what kind of storage it should offer. These decisions come down to the space available and how you want to see and use it.

A vanity that stands on its own offers the impression of more space than one installed wall-to-wall that sits on solid cabinets. Cabinets close off the perception of space as they conceal what’s inside. Open shelves keep the overall feeling spacious and keep towels and products easily at hand. Of course, there are balanced vanities that include both if you insist on having mixed storage!

Kohler Tresham Comfort Height Toilet

With unique shaker looks, the Tresham® Comfort Height® Toilet from Kohler® is a great choice for aesthetically minded homeowners. Its higher-than-standard height is easier to use, its AquaPiston® flush technology increases flush effectiveness, and its skirted trapway is easier to clean, too.

A Practical Toilet

Selecting a toilet for your bathroom is a lot more involved than just picking one that looks good. When it comes to choosing your toilet, you need to decide on size, height, and how it functions. Your choices now can simplify your life in the future!

Those aiming for universal design should look for chair-height toilets that are easier to sit down to and stand up from. This high-demand feature comes in many styles these days. Also look for technology that offers a stronger and more effective flush—it’ll keep the bowl cleaner and reduce the chance of clogs. If you don’t love cleaning the bathroom, a skirted model could be for you. This hides the trapway tube behind a solid span of porcelain so you don’t have to worry about dust settling in any nooks and crannies. You have to look at your new toilet from every angle to find the best one for you!

Delta Dryden Single Handle Lavatory Faucet

The Dryden™ Single Handle Lavatory Faucet from Delta® is available in six varied finishes including this SpotShield® stainless that resists fingerprints and water spots. With simple sophisticated lines and a water-efficient flow rate, there’s plenty to appreciate!

A Stylish Faucet

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when imagining your new bathroom, your faucet is a great opportunity to make a statement. There’s an abundance of options to choose from, such as the type, finish, and style, as well as special technology that offers sanitizing, motion activation, self-powered motion activation, and laminar flow to affect how you use and experience the sink area.

The faucet might not be the largest player in the bathroom, but it gets more use than any other piece of plumbing. It plays a critical role in hygiene, and whether you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands, you want something that’s easy to use and nice to look at.

Hudson Reed Rectangular Shower Head with Waterfall

Hudson Reed offers this nifty Rectangular Shower Head with Waterfall if you’re looking for a rainshower with something extra. It is perfect to add luxury to a master suite with bold, modern looks and a user experience you won’t find in a standard showerhead.

A Fully Loaded Showerhead

There are so many different showerheads to choose from. With advanced technology that uses internal systems to control speed, movement, and droplet size, showerheads offer different experiences. They can give the sensation of more water than a standard shower, or a soft flow. This also affects water usage, but don’t be fooled by what you feel—a showerhead with a lower flow rate can have stronger pressure that makes it feel like more, and a higher flow rate might not feel as strong. You have to look at the specs of each model to see what they offer.

If it’s in your budget, explore some luxury features. It seems like everybody wants a rainshower these days, and these can be a major selling point in the future. Sliding bar showerheads allow you to adjust the height to maximize the experience for different users, and handheld showers increase maneuverability for even greater ease of use. You might be surprised by what’s out there!

Lumber Liquidators Avella Autumn Oak Porcelain Tile

Waterproof wood-look tile from Lumber Liquidators is right at home in the bathroom. This Avella Autumn Oak Porcelain Tile combines style with practicality, and it works with subfloor heating!

Beautiful Waterproof Flooring

Virtually any material can be used to surface the floors as long as it is waterproof, either naturally or by means of an impervious finish. Tile has been favored for obvious reasons—it can be applied to any surface in the bathroom with success—but it used to leave a lot to be desired. Now, it comes in stunning wood-look planks with texture and colors that elevate the space aesthetically. Say goodbye to basic!

Other good flooring choices include laminate and vinyl plank, which also come in wood looks, but with a lower price tag. These are also simple to install and make a great DIY project. No matter what you choose, be sure to check installation guides and warranties—it’s so important in the bathroom, especially!

American Standard Cornice Pedestal Sink

If you find yourself in a tight spot, this Cornice Pedestal Sink from American Standard can save the day! Super compact and uniquely shaped, it maximizes space without taking up too much of it. It also resists stains because it is made of glossy vitreous china!

A Fashionable Sink

You can set the tone in the bathroom with your choice and style of sink. This should be one of your first decisions when planning your bathroom because you use it so often. There are several styles and options to choose from, such as pedestal, wall-mount, under counter, above counter/vessel, integral countertop, semi countertop, and trough and corner models.

Your choice has as much to do with style as it does with working with the surrounding fixtures. The sink, faucet, and vanity need to work together like the single station they are. Many people favor vessel sinks for freestanding vanities, and undercounter models for built-in ones. Pedestal sinks are great for powder rooms and tight spaces, but they don’t offer counterspace, of course. Mix and match to see what works for you!

Hy-Lite Acrylic Block Windows

Hy-Lite® has all kinds of privacy products, including their Acrylic Block Windows. Don’t rob your bathroom of natural sunlight—use energy-efficient and operable block windows to obscure the view instead.

Privacy Windows

Bathroom windows are special. They often don’t receive the attention of windows in the rest of your home, but they should offer peace of mind at your most private moments. Acrylic block windows protect your privacy without the sacrifice of valuable natural light, and they come in different patterns and window types to suit your home. Whether you need a large or small picture or operable window, these mighty little blocks deliver.

When you choose products for your new home, don’t forget to look at all the different pieces and how they work together. And if you’re dreaming of building an amazing bathroom, check out our House Plans with Great Master Suites to see homes that are right up your alley!

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