Design a Dream Kitchen for the Holidays

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

It’s that time of year again, when you might be gearing up to spend whole days preparing holiday feasts. With all the baking, boiling, roasting, simmering, and eventually cleaning to do, it can be a cook’s dream or a stressful ordeal. The kitchen is going to see a lot of action and provide vital services during these trying times, so make sure yours is set up with appliances that can tackle the challenge!

KitchenAid 48" 6-Burner with Griddle, Dual-Fuel Freestanding Range, Commercial-Style

Packing a ton of functionality into a single unit, the KitchenAid® 48” 6-Burner with Griddle, Dual-Fuel Freestanding Range, Commercial-Style is perfect for tackling big orders. Its two ovens have a combined capacity of 6.3 cu. ft. and a simmer/melt burner will keep sauces warm without scorching them.

Suitable Cooking Appliances

On the big day, all eyes will be on the oven. It’s responsible for the main course and most of the side dishes, so meal prep can get tricky. If you have a single oven, everything has to be carefully planned—can you fit potatoes around a roasting pan and can they be baked at the same temperature, or should you schedule and coordinate your various dishes to cook and then reheat as necessary? Many homeowners opt for a double wall oven or an extra wall oven in addition to their range to eliminate the need, but of course you’ll need the space to do that. You’ll also want to make sure every appliance gets enough use to be worth the investment.

If cooking is a team event at your home, you might want to consider a separate oven and cooktop setup to make sure everybody has their own space. With a range, whoever mans the pots and pans would have to move for the oven to be opened. That’s no fun in a crowded kitchen, but for a single cook, the range could be preferable because it limits the amount of movement necessary to check on everything. In any case, make sure there’s enough counter space available around the appliance(s) to ensure each dish can be removed from heat without getting in the way.

 KitchenAid 36" Smart Refrigerator with FreshVue Door-within-Door

This 36” Smart Refrigerator with FreshVue™ Door-within-Door is unique for its windowed door with gradual proximity-activated lighting, and because that door can be opened two ways to give access to the whole fridge or just the door storage. It’s full of features like self-close crisper and tray drawers, adjustable shelves—one that can slide away to make room for tall items—and more!

Versatile Refrigeration

The refrigerator handles all of your meal prep and leftovers, so it better accommodate a variety of platters and containers. Look for lots of different kinds of storage—like drawers of various dimensions and shelving that can be moved up, down, and away to suit your needs. Expect the same of the freezer; while its job isn’t as multifaceted as that of the fridge, which has sections dedicated to specific goals like keeping produce fresh, it should still keep everything in order and easily reachable. Having to adjust things to remove a specific item gets old really fast. Be sure to prioritize accessibility regardless of the cubic volume of the refrigerator.

Flexibility is crucial for getting the most into and out of your fridge year-round, but you’ll definitely notice any shortcomings during the holidays. Use this time to assess your current refrigerator and consider what features might make your life easier when you upgrade. Innovation has been rocking the world of appliances for the last few years, so you could be pleasantly surprised by the selection available these days.

KitchenAid 39 DBA Dishwasher with Fan-Enabled ProDry System and PrintShield Finish, Pocket Handle

Shown here in the sleek black stainless option, the 39 DBA Dishwasher with Fan-Enabled ProDry™ System and PrintShield™ Finish, Pocket Handle is equipped with a third-level rack, stemware holders, utility basket, and express wash—all perfect for cleaning up after a big dinner!

Dishwashing Without Compromise

Big meals mean a big pile of dishes, including the fancy and awkwardly shaped ones you don’t use every day. The right dishwasher can make all the difference between cleaning up quickly or standing in front of the sink all evening, so look for features that create more usable space for tricky items. For your large serving utensils and mixing blades, a third-level rack means no more handwashing required. Directed spray nozzles are perfect for cleaning difficult bottles, and stemware holders will keep your glasses safe. To fit the variety of dishes you may have—like cumbersome casserole and soufflé pans—consider fold-down tines that allow you to adjust the rack for your needs. It’s all about getting more into and from your dishwasher, but don’t forget to compare models by their washing and drying systems, too.

If you want to add this level of convenience to your kitchen, check out KitchenAid®. Not only will you find a wide array of ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, and all the countertop appliances you would ever need, but they’re available in a number of finishes so you get top functionality with plenty of style. That’s just what you need during the busy feasting season, but you’ll appreciate it year-round!

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