Designer's Plan Information


Elevations -
Exterior materials, roof slopes, scale, dimensions of wall and plate heights, and top of doors and windows.

Foundation Plan -
All plans are drawn on a particular type of foundation, which is included with all orders. Optional foundation types are available (refer to individual plan info). Detailed foundation footings are included for each type of foundation offered. Footing details list thickness, wall details, and reinforcement details.

Dimensioned Floor Plans -
Includes room names, all dimensions, detail notes, beam locations and sizes, window and door sizes and descriptions, and ceiling heights.

Framing Details -
Floor framing details, ceiling framing details, and roof framing details.

Roof Plan -
Bird's-eye view of roof, cornice location ID, rafter sizes, and spacing.

Cross Section -
Typical building section listing all wall and roof details. Additional building sections are included for each area of untypical construction such as rooms with raised ceilings.

Electrical Layout -
Location of all light, switch, and fixture locations as well as electrical symbol schedules.

Cabinet Elevations -
All interior cabinet elevations and any untypical wall views - may not include linear dimensions.

Window and Door Schedule -
Size and description of all windows and doors.

IRC Details - Plans conform to the IRC.

Additional Details -
Almost all of our plans are detailed for stick framing for the benefit of those who choose to stick build. We always recommend the use of manufactured trusses, but we tell the purchaser to request shop drawings of the truss system and tell them to supplement the plan with the shop drawings.

CAD Software: SoftPlan Version 10. For all CAD orders, we convert the files to DWG format so that it can be understood by most software programs.

These items are NOT included and can be handled locally if required:
  • Architectural or Engineering Stamp
  • Site Plan
  • HVAC or Mechanical Drawings
  • Plumbing Drawings
  • Energy Calculations
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