Stylish Entry Doors with Clear Modern Glass

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

With the rise of modern architecture and more transitional home styles gaining popularity, it’s no wonder we’re seeing so many designs with expansive glass features these days. Beyond just windows, glass entry doors make a statement from both sides of the threshold—especially when properly sized to match the façade! Whether you have a compact home you want to optimize for natural light and views or you need an extra-large door for a wider and taller opening, these stylish options have you covered.

Veris Hinged Entry Door

Veris™ Hinged Entry Doors come in sizes from 2’8” x 6’8” to 3’0” x 10’0” and the bigger you go, the higher the impact. If you don’t want the door to take up the entire entryway, you can always outfit a smaller door with sidelights and/or a transom for breadth.

Hinged Front Doors

The standard option, hinged front doors swing open and closed from one side. This might not sound impressive by itself, but most doors are solid or only have a small amount of glass. Even full-lite doors have wide rails and stiles on the outside edges. Glass doors, on the other hand, feature metal construction that makes it possible to shrink the rails and stiles and maximize the size of the glass pane. The effect is quite different visually—glass doors are decidedly simple and modern while others suit the full range of home styles, depending on their finishes.

That said, you still have options to really make hinged glass doors your own. Whether you opt for a single or French door configuration, you can add a transom and/or sidelites. If a completely open pane of glass is too simple, consider a grid pattern. You also have your choice of finish colors for the metal components. Take a step back and look at the whole picture to decide what will complement your home best.

Veris Pivot Entry Door

Veris™ Pivot Entry Doors definitely stand out! Because they open around an axis and not from the side, they need to be wider than hinged doors to ensure a wide enough aperture across the threshold. That means they’re ideal for broader-than-average entries.

Pivot Front Doors

With unique movement, pivot doors are perfect if you want your home to make a statement. Instead of swinging open, they rotate around an axis inset from one side. This opens the entry enough for you to pass through and creates a smaller gap on the opposite side of the ajar door. This extra dead space is why doors that pivot come in wider dimensions—a standard 6’8” height requires a 3’6” width at minimum, but you can also get up to a 5’0” width at this height and all the way up to 10’0”.

Pivoting glass doors offer the same options as hinged doors with sidelights/transoms, grids, and finish colors. Given how they move, though, you need to be aware of something else—clearance on both sides. Doors can pivot in or out and the direction of that swing will have the larger motion, of course, but the side closer to the axis will go the other way. Make sure to keep the whole door area clear!

Veris Folding Glass Door

Veris™ Folding Glass Doors are available in configurations of two to six panels that are 6’8” or 8’0” tall, so they’re a great way to add tons of glass beside outdoor living space. And they glide seamlessly to erase the wall whenever you want!

Expansive Patio Doors

Multi-panel glass doors make a wonderful choice for patio applications. Most people have seen basic sliding patio doors, where one slides over the other when opened, but they can go much further. Imagine the breadth you could fill with four panels that are up to 5’0” wide! They can open from the center or all in one direction, stacking on the side(s) or into a pocket that leaves the entire doorway completely unobstructed. Sliding glass doors move entirely within their track, so they don’t have any clearance issues, and can also have screens that you can pull across as needed.

If sliding isn’t your style or you need to fill a larger opening, folding glass doors offer another multi-panel solution for patios. Up to six 3’0”-wide panels are connected by hinges that allow them to push out and stack when the door is opened. Most people opt to make one of the edge panels a swing door, allowing access in and out without opening the whole doorway. Folding glass doors stack to the outside, so you need to keep the entire patio area around them clear. Like their sliding counterparts, you get to decide how many panels go left and right and can add a screen.

Take a look at the new Veris™ Collection from Therma-Tru® if you’re in the market for stunning glass doors! They have grand hinged and pivoting doors for main entries and expansive sliding and folding doors to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Whatever style makes the most sense for your home, you’ll love the range of sizes and that you have the opportunity to order a custom solution if necessary. Feel free to request information and start planning for the perfect glass door!

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