Faux Wood Garage Doors for Every Style

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

If you’re one of the many people who yearn for the beauty of a wood garage door but don’t want to commit to the maintenance, look into faux wood models. You’ll find styles suitable for every sort of house and plenty of design options to customize the look for yours in particular. Here are some of our favorite faux wood garage doors for the full gamut of homes out there!

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4 Layer)

Canyon Ridge® Carriage House (4-Layer) garage doors look like the authentic swing-out versions of olden days, but they have modern overhead operation. The steel base has an Ultra-Grain® paint finish and the composite overlays add more wood-look charm.

Traditional Carriage House Doors

The carriage house style is popular across a huge variety of homes. The design hails from the era of horse-drawn carriages, so you’ll find it featured on colonial and other older traditional plans. Over time, carriage house garage doors have become a top choice for farmhouse, cottage, Craftsman, and even some Southwestern architecture, particularly among homeowners who want to step away from the ubiquity of steel panel doors. And of course, they often prefer wood-look renditions that underscore the fact that such doors would have been made of wood in their heyday.

Faux wood carriage house garage doors have a durable, low-maintenance steel base with either a woodgrain paint finish or a thicker layer of composite cladding. Composite overlays with various configurations of rails and stiles define each design in either case. Look at top sections if you want to add more personality with windows—there are numerous options with different shapes and divided lites! Most consumers who opt for the carriage house look choose warm wood tones for the finish, but a gray finish would add weathered appeal to a beach home, and you can always stick to paint if you prefer.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Louver

Especially great for Southern and coastal styles, Canyon Ridge® Louver garage doors complement homes where louvers have been used to help keep homes cool. You’ll find them on edgy modern and modern farmhouse designs now, too!

Historical Louver Doors

Louvers—a type of shutter made to let fresh air and light inside while keeping direct sun and rain out—have fallen out of favor with the rise of air conditioning, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of fashion. They used to be practically requisite for windows in the Deep South and Florida, Hawaii, and southern California, and they’re still a great way to add regional style in these areas.

Louver garage doors have the look of shutter slats, but they are made of solid composite over steel so you don’t have to worry about light or water coming through. Designs range from simple whole-louver construction to those that also include smooth panels, rails, and stiles to tailor the appearance. Some look like carriage house doors with louvers, and others come off with a modern vibe. So, it may or may not be a surprise to hear that these doors can be made to suit a wide variety of home styles, too!

Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern

Canyon Ridge® Modern garage doors provide a sleeker profile from the panels through the window patterns. Whether you want to match a modern home or refresh a more traditional design, this collection is perfect if you insist on the organic look of wood.

Sleek Modern Doors

For years, modern and contemporary homes have called for extremely simple solid doors, or doors that set a bold tone with windows. If you want to step away from so much steel and glass by adding an organic touch, faux wood modern garage doors will allow you to do just that. The best part is, they don’t reinvent the wheel—they still offer the sleek surfaces and window patterns that set this category apart, just with woodgrain composite cladding on the base.

All Canyon Ridge® faux wood garage doors are insulated to improve efficiency and to operate more quietly. Be sure to read our article, The Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door, to learn more about what these doors have to offer you and your home—you might be surprised by just how large a difference they make!

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous faux wood garage door or you’d rather invest in the real thing, Clopay® has a number of collections to serve your needs. Take a look at the design options in each collection and you’ll see that there are so many ways to make garage doors your own. If you’re not sure where to start, connect with a local dealer to help you come up with the perfect fit!

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