Finding a Home to Fit Your Lot

By Jordan Koonts, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

When searching to find the perfect home, one of the worst things that could happen is finding your dream plan, only to realize that your lot can’t accommodate it. Don’t let the features or limitations of a lot get in the way of building a beautiful home. Rather, consider buying a lot in your ideal location first, and then finding a house plan that is specifically designed to accommodate the features of the space.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a skinny corner lot in your target neighborhood, a secluded space with limited buildable area, or even a steeply sloped hillside—consider the many adaptable options that are available at your fingertips. By first choosing a lot and then the perfect plan, you can avoid disappointment and ensure a successful build.

House Plan 1952 is a great example of a luxurious home on a narrow lot.

Our Narrow Lot House Plan Collection offers a wide range of styles and sizes. Many designs even offer some luxurious features, as seen in the contemporary House Plan 1952, which includes space for a pool.

Narrow Lots

Many narrow lots are found in and around areas that are highly desirable and typically fairly dense in population. As such, land prices can be extremely high, with space at a premium. To combat this, many architects and designers attempt to build up rather than out. No matter if it’s at a popular beach or a bustling urban center, choosing a narrow lot and building a tall, skinny home can have many benefits.

By choosing a home with a reduced footprint, you can buy a slimmer lot and save money in the process. Opting for a narrow lot and a narrow home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any features or amenities; from tiny homes to deep multi-story dwellings, narrow lots can actually be quite adaptable and luxurious. Consider the benefits of a narrow home that includes features like a front-facing garage that keeps living spaces private, or a balcony to soak in the views. Many narrow homes offer similar features as their more spread out counterparts, with multiple bedrooms and shared areas just laid out differently.

When choosing a narrow lot, take in the surroundings and select the perfect house plan to suit them. Factor in things such as potential street noise or ideal views when selecting room placement and house design. This will ensure that your dream home works perfectly with the lot that you have chosen.

House Plan 5337 is a great example of a luxurious home utilizing a sloping lot.

House Plan 5337 is a great example of a luxurious home that embraces and utilizes a lot’s natural slope—it would be perfect for a lake or mountain location! Find more fabulous homes for your sloped lot by searching our Sloping Lot House Plan Collection.

Sloping Lots

It is actually pretty rare to find a lot with a perfectly flat space to build on. From a gentle downgrade to a steep or uneven plot, land varies greatly. Don’t let a sloped lot scare you away from buying and building in a dream location! Grading and flattening land can be extremely pricey, so work with the natural incline and consider the wide range of designs and benefits that building on a slope provides. Whether you are seeking land for a sprawling estate or a simple family home, a sloped lot can actually be quite adaptable and even desirable.

A sloped lot opens up a wide range of possibilities that may not be available with flatter spaces. Things such as walk-out basements or drive-under garages not only utilize the land’s contours, but they can actually add value and functionality to a home. From a cost standpoint, a sloped lot can facilitate things such as a consolidated foundation or natural drainage that save you money and protect the build. And with the savings created by embracing a lot’s slope rather than grading it, consider adding features such as a finished basement to increase living space, or a second-story deck and a covered patio area below.

Many areas across the country have sloping lots that are ready to build on. Regardless of whether the land is a gentle rolling hill or a steeper drop-off, there are plenty of homes ready to tackle your lot’s unique topography.

House Plan 6245 shows one of the many options for a limited lot.

When dealing with a lot with limited buildable space, consider a rectangular home such as the spectacular House Plan 6245 and its full-surround wraparound porch. Find more fabulous homes for limited lots in our Rectangular House Plan Collection and work with one of our designers to fit your lot’s specific needs.

Limited Buildable Area

Building space on a lot can be limited for a wide variety of reasons, and that can scare potential buyers off. Take advantage of these kinds of lots—they often come with a lower price tag for their size—and unlock the many unique features that they may offer. By electing to purchase a lot that has limitations on its buildable area, you don’t have to limit yourself on designs or miss out on the luxurious amenities that you deserve.

Lots that may be limited in their building potential include areas that border on nature preserves, property that features dense bedrock, or even coastal lands that house protected estuaries. No matter the reason, lots that can only be built on in certain amounts can actually be great finds. From having beautiful nature in your backyard, to building a home in a secluded area, consider embracing a lot such as these. To combat lot limitations, our designers have created a wide variety of offerings that feature things such as multiple floors with a reduced footprint, or shallow foundations that incorporate natural properties. Don’t let your dream lot slip away simply because of a few challenges. Embrace your lot’s natural features and limitations and choose a home that complements them perfectly.

There is a home plan for every lot and every buyer, and no matter the challenge, we are ready and waiting to help. Our sales team is standing by to help find your perfect home, and our experienced designers can help modify a plan to your lot’s specific needs. Once you have found your lot, browse our many collections of hand-picked plans. If you have a question, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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