Selecting Stylish Kitchen Cabinets

by Lauren Busser Direct from the Designers™’ Editorial Director

Every year things are being innovated, whether it is a cell phone, a car, or even the way we store things in our kitchen. Twenty years ago a kitchen was considered well equipped if it had a lazy Susan and a built in spice rack, but now you have many other options from open shelves, floor to ceiling cubbies, and built-in wine racks. These designs have made it possible to make choices for your kitchen storage that will be perfect for you. Here is a look at some of the newest kitchen cabinet trends.

Take a look at the AVENTOS HF: Bi-Fold Door Lift System by Blum® that lifts up and out of the way.


Sleek Operation

Movement efficiency has been a big innovation as of late. There are cabinet doors that lift up and out of the way, like a series of Blum® lift systems. Blum® has even innovated how the runners work with TANDEM plus BLUMOTION. The concealed runner technology is their latest advancement, offering four-dimensional adjustment, excellent stability, and minimal sag. These drawers maintain a smooth running action and unmatched soft close.

This beautiful KraftMaid® kitchen features the Palladio with Bistro Glass doors to show off beautiful dishware and keepsakes.

KraftMaid Kitchen

Glass Doors

One of the biggest features we are seeing in cabinets is the use of glass doors to display dish and glassware. It used to be that fine china and other heirloom dishware were kept behind closed cabinet doors and out of site completely. Displaying these items has become increasingly popular and glass cabinet doors are becoming a growing cabinet trend. Far from being limited to plain glass panels, you can select from several ornamental options so that the items you want to show off are displayed beautifully in a gorgeous cabinet.

This Contemporary and Dynamic kitchen from KraftMaid® hides away appliances neatly.

KraftMaid Contemporary and Dynamic Kitchen

Hidden Appliances

Appliances are constantly being innovated as well. There are smart dishwashers, washing machines, and even ovens that can interface with smart phones and iPads, but they don’t need to steal the spotlight in your kitchen. When it comes to your appliances, some cabinet manufacturers make it easy to hide them behind panels that match adjacent cabinet doors.

This is true for things like dishwashers, trash compactors, and icemakers, but what about the kitchen essentials? The fridge and freezer? Nowadays , not only can the fridge and freezer be encased in woods and finishes that match your cabinetry but they are more likely to be built-in to additional cabinet storage.

This Light and Timeless kitchen from KraftMaid® features Maple in Canvas cabinetry as the main color and a stylish Cherry kitchen island in a Vintage Onyx Finish.

KraftMaid Light and Timeless Kitchen

Finish and Color

Finish and color go a long way to making a cabinet door into a work of art. Distressed finishes have been popular but today’s look is going more towards the crackled appearance. This is achieved by rubbing away painted finishes and revealing the natural wood underneath, and then finishing it with a dark glaze which darkens grooves and embellishments. It adds a lot of character, great depth to your wood surfaces, and a very inviting look to your finished kitchen. Crackled and distressed finishes are simply a great way to dress up your wood.

KraftMaid Maple in Honey Spice with Mocha Highlight

Maple is Number One

When it comes to natural wood cabinets, maple is the number one choice for kitchen for its light touch, grain, and hardness. Maple has many chameleon qualities that have established its reputation as timeless. Maple can be dressed up with steel appliances and dark stone countertops or fit into a casual kitchen with white appliances and a solid surface countertop.

This classically traditional KraftMaid® kitchen uses two different colors with the same finish to tie the room together and add visual interest.

KraftMaid Classical Traditional Kitchen

Mixing Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix colors together. Just like you can put an accent wall in a room, you can make a group of cabinetry or an island different than the rest of your kitchen’s color scheme. It works in the same way a patterned scarf works with a white shirt and jeans or a black suit.

A little splash of color can break up the monotony of a kitchen and be considered a crucial design piece. For example, consider a quartz countertop in cerulean blue and then surround it with white cabinetry. Matching a table in the breakfast nook can connect your kitchen and dining area easily.

Kitchens may be less subject to the whims of fashion than many other rooms of your house, but taking some of these design ideas into account will help you create a space that is uniquely yours and will remain in vogue for years to come. If you are unsure of what will work best in your space, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a kitchen designer. A kitchen designer can help you get everything you want and make sure you completed kitchen fits your style and the ways you like to live and cook.

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