Fresh Garage Door Designs for 2023

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

Garage doors continue to adapt to suit homeowners’ aesthetic and practical needs, so if you haven’t explored the options in a while, it’s a great time to see what’s new. Perhaps you’d like something that adds beautiful traditional appeal? Or maybe contemporary is more your style? In either case, here are some of the fresh garage door looks hitting the market in 2023!

Clopay Canyon Ridge Chevron

The latest addition to an already extensive family, Canyon Ridge® Chevron garage doors pair a chevron motif on the base with a variety of overlay patterns to add the right amount of decorative charm. They’re constructed with wood-look composite over an insulated steel base, so they’re also durable and low-maintenance.

Updated Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors may have humble beginnings, but they’re easily one of the most adaptable options for all sorts of traditional architectural styles. Whether you’re shopping for an understated cottage or farmhouse, or you need to complement a grand European or colonial design, the wide range of overlay patterns and finishing options available allow you to tailor your garage doors to match perfectly.

So, what’s new? Clopay® has expanded their popular Canyon Ridge® line with chevron designs. Rather than embellishing a plain base with overlays, these garage doors feature a decorative chevron motif on the base to provide style at both levels. You can choose to simply frame the chevron effect or add more contrast and make it busier with more overlays. As always, you should take a step back and consider the whole façade to decide what will match your house best. Chevron carriage house garage doors enhance curb appeal for all kinds of traditional architecture, but they’re particularly suited to Craftsman homes—the chevron has been incorporated into them for generations!

Clopay Avante AZ

Avante® Sleek garage doors take the chic look that original Avante® doors are known for and simplifies it even further by minimizing vertical stiles. So, a standard single door can have one column of full-width panels rather than two columns of shorter panels, and a double door can have two columns rather than four. This fresh new option will be available on March 20, 2023!

Extra-Sleek Contemporary Garage Doors

On the other end of the spectrum, grid-style garage doors with glass or acrylic panels in metal frames are the preferred option for all sorts of modern, contemporary, and transitional designs. This look not only keeps things simple, but it also mirrors the modern tendency to have a lot of windows. You’ll benefit from plenty of natural light in the garage during the day, and with interior illumination at night, these doors create a uniquely welcoming glow when viewed from the street.

You may think that there isn’t much to change when it comes to such garage doors, but the latest innovation in Avante® Sleek proves otherwise. Minimizing vertical stiles allows wider panels and reduces the grid appearance. It effectively halves the number of stiles on previous models—smaller doors can have none while larger ones can have up to two. In any case, the wide panes provide a distinct look—if you want to avoid a blocky aesthetic but still reap the benefits of all that glass, this is a great way to do it.

Clopay Reserve Wood Custom

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Make it yourself! Reserve® Wood Custom garage doors take your ideas and put them into professional hands. From the craftsmanship of the design itself to the one-of-a-kind final appearance afforded by natural wood, you can be sure nobody else on the street will have the same garage doors.

Customizable Wood Designs

There’s nothing fresher and more exclusive than what you come up with on your own! Custom garage doors are crafted using natural wood because there are few practical design limits using this material. Some people opt for popular door looks, but they customize them with the species and finish of their choice. Others come up with their own completely new designs. Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, simple or complex, solid or with a lot of windows, etc., the only limit is your imagination. Worried about investing in such a niche product? Don’t be—almost all garage door designs started as custom wood creations.

No matter what sort of garage door you’d like to complete your home, Clopay® has you covered. Each of their diverse collections offers multiple designs and numerous finishing options, and they can even help you create your own completely custom wood door(s), too. Find a local dealer who can help you outfit your home to perfection!

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