Gorgeous Gray Stone and Brick Options

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

If you’re planning to add stone or brick elements to your home, have you given any thought to gray tones? They’re exceptionally adaptable and complement a wide variety of house styles and interior designs, so check out some possibilities to see what catches your eye. You may be surprised by just how much gray palettes can make stone and brick accents pop!

Eldorado Stone Stacked Stone in Silver Lining

With plenty of contrast in the light to medium range, Stacked Stone in Silver Lining creates a gentle yet dynamic effect from the floor to the ceiling of this bright, neutral great room. (Photo credit: Kings Court Builders)

Consider Contrast

No matter the hue, solid tones have a much different effect on a space than a monochromatic mix. A single-color background of stone or brick tends to look starker and bolder than one that displays a more natural range of tones. And when it comes to gray, the far ends of the spectrum can be especially striking without some variety to soften them up. Especially in a residential setting, a healthy dose of contrast makes for a visually appealing final result, and particularly so when it comes to the interior.

Contrast on or between each piece is one thing, but it’s the contrast between a gray background or accent and colors in the room that stands out more. This is where gray shines! Homeowners and designers alike love that the pure, unsaturated tones don’t clash or compete with other features in the room—rugs, furniture, window treatments, etc.—and instead set them off. You could get lost trying to mix and match every part of your space, but choosing gray stone or brick is an easy way to create an outstanding final picture.

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick in Ashland

TundraBrick® offers gray palettes across the spectrum. The Ashland color shown here is a nice medium tone, but if you want to make a statement by going light or dark, check out Chalk Dust and Ironside. The muted mix of cool and warm hues from Latigo might even strike your fancy!

Look for Lines

In design, gray tends toward a cool, modern vibe while warm, earthy tones complement traditional aesthetics. That’s why you’ll find a lot of gray stone options with crisp, clean lines that stack neatly. If you want something a little more rustic, you’ll also come across varieties with rougher edges, but they’ll likely have hints of tan, brown, and/or red for greater organic ambiance. They might not be as foolproof as totally unsaturated gray, but they still make attractive additions to design schemes inside and out!

Brick has straight, defined lines that make it perfect for modern aesthetics. And it has adapted well to gray renditions to bring that point home, too! Check out light and dark versions to see what catches your eye—they produce surprisingly different visual effects—and remember to factor grout color into the equation. You can further define the lines or play them down to achieve your design goals.

Eldorado Stone Vantage30 in Cumulus

Give your space crisp, linear lines and a uniquely textured backdrop with Vantage30. It creates a neat, planked look, perfect for modern designs in each of its four chic shades. If you like this one, it’s Cumulus!

Appeal with Texture

What’s something stone and brick can offer, that paint and wallpaper can’t? Natural texture! These media add dimension wherever they go, ranging from subtly rough to the touch to jagged and shadowy. Consider this aspect as you compare options; not only does it contribute to the overall feel of the space, but also, relatively similar profiles might appear completely different when you add lighting into the equation. Luckily, the awesome adaptability of gray means you can find stone options with finishes ranging from silky smooth to coarse and rugged.

Looking for the perfect stone or brick accents for your home? Check out Eldorado Stone and their huge selection of hand-painted veneer! Each stunning profile offers authentic shapes, textures, and hues, faithfully recreated in a lightweight product that’s easier on the environment and your budget than natural varieties. And of course, you have greater control over the appearance and can make sure your choice matches your aesthetic. Find a local dealer to discuss the possibilities for your home!

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