Handscraped Hardwood: Distressed to Success

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Hardwood floors sustain wear and tear over the years, and some people find that this look gives a comfortable, homey feel to the interior of their homes. For those who appreciate the look of an aged floor, but don’t want to wait for it to happen naturally, distressed hardwood is a great investment that instantly adds character to space and actually helps to conceal damage that it accumulates over its lifetime. Keep reading to learn more about this type of flooring and what it can do for you!

Lumber Liquidators Virginia Mill Works Golden Teak Acacia Handscraped

The Virginia Mill Works Golden Teak Acacia flooring from Lumber Liquidators provides a warm and cozy foundation for this bedroom. The handcrafted and aged look will continue to complement the room as the wood matures.

Why Choose Handscraped Floors?

The appeal of handscraped flooring comes from its rustic appearance. Back in the day, floors were finished by experienced craftsmen using simple tools. Now that we have perfected the milling process to produce pristine boards, some consumers miss the distressed look of hand-finished floors and their minimal upkeep. While a perfectly flat and flush hardwood floor is beautiful, it will tend to show damage readily and require refinishing if it’s going to keep its original appearance. Most of us aren’t going to do the maintenance, so it’s easier to choose a handscraped floor that is already evenly worn. That way we know exactly what we’re getting and how it will look for years!

Due to its worn appearance and ability to camouflage accumulated dents, scratches, and scrapes, distressed hardwood is the perfect option for high-traffic areas. Kitchens and dining rooms immediately come to mind, but it looks great everywhere. Handscraped floors are a simple solution for busy families and anybody who prefers to enjoy the floor rather than care for it, and since they come in a wide range of colors and species, you don’t have to sacrifice your design for that simplicity!

Lumber Liquidators Virginia Mill Works Lexington County Oak Wirebrushed

For a beautiful, rich hardwood, the Virginia Mill Works Lexington County Oak Wirebrushed flooring is the answer. It provides a deep color and seasoned appearance that looks antique and fashionable.

Stay Traditional with Dark Hardwood

If you’ve ever been in an old colonial house that had original flooring—and a lot of them still do!—you might have noticed that the floor was dark. Whether the species used were darker or the unfinished wood darkened over years of use, we now tend to envision a dark floor, especially one covered with oriental rugs, as a throwback to the past. For some, this old-fashioned look is sought after.

Of course, dark hardwood also pairs well with more modern interiors, and it tends to complement almost any design. When it comes to distressed flooring, dark colors are perfect for people who want their floor to look amazing, without explicitly advertising its worn quality. This means that it provides an attractive backdrop for furniture and other interior decorations, but it won’t overpower the design. For most consumers, this is the ideal result.

Lumber Liquidators Virginia Mill Works Seabrook Island Oak

Perfect for a beach house, the Virginia Mill Works Seabrook Island Oak flooring delivers a light background that shows off its well-worn marks proudly. This high contrast floor is more daring and takes center stage in the room’s design.

Go Bold with Light Hardwood

A light distressed floor shows off its wear and tear for all to see, so it is great for drawing attention. If you want the floor to be the centerpiece of your design, this high contrast option is up to the task. Choose a lighter handscraped wood to make a statement in your home—extra wear will still blend in, but the overall impression is bold.

This type of flooring is suited to certain designs, especially those in homes that draw inspiration from natural surroundings. For example, a white wood is great for beach houses, and a distressed version adds charm and balance inside. Similarly, a handscraped, natural-toned oak is rustic and ideal for woodland cabins. You can instill the same allure in any home, especially modern ones that that have designs built on contrast, but it can require more attention to detail to execute successfully across the board.

Are you thinking about adding the low-maintenance and appealing qualities of distressed hardwood to your home? Find your nearest Lumber Liquidators to see your options in person and get started today!

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