How to Add Color to Your Kitchen

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Looking back at kitchens through the decades, you might be afraid to use color in your own! But there are just so many ways to personalize and beautify this space—don’t think that it can’t be done tastefully and timelessly. If you’re looking for kitchen color inspiration, here are some ways you can incorporate it into your design.

BEHR Champagne Cocktail and Cracked Pepper

With hues like Champagne Cocktail and Cracked Pepper, this kitchen from BEHR’s® Inspiration Gallery shows how contrasting walls and cabinets can beautify a kitchen, even subtly.

An Attractive Backdrop

A painted kitchen is what you make it. Some automatically assume painting will make the space too bright, bold, or easily dated, but you can do practically anything with all the colors out there. Just make a statement with contrast between the walls and cabinets—better than brown on beige!—and your kitchen will come to life. Whatever your style, choose colors that energize the room, because this is a place where you need to get stuff done.

IceStone Moroccan Red

IceStone® produces countertops from eco-friendly recycled materials in a range of neutral and jewel tones, including this bold Moroccan Red. Try their Virtual Countertops to find a great color for your scheme!

Countertops with Personality

Given their surface area, countertops also have a big visual impact. If you want your work surfaces to be the focus of your kitchen, take a step away from the neutrals. You’ll find strong, pure hues as well as gentler tints and tones, which, despite their softer appearance, still noticeably contrast against a crisp white background. Choose from a variety of materials whether you want a warm or cool effect, and let your countertops be a conversation starter!

KitchenAid Cobalt Blue Freestanding Range

Check out this Dual Fuel, Commercial-Style Freestanding Range from KitchenAid® if you need tons of functionality and style. It’s available in this sleek Cobalt Blue as well as a striking Signature Red and white, black, and stainless finishes.

Attention-Grabbing Appliances

While most people don’t immediately imagine bright colors when they think of appliances, there are options beyond black, white, and stainless steel. By opting for a colorful appliance, it becomes the clear focus of the room because it pops so much against the background and draws attention to the main show—usually the cooking station. It’s rare to find whole suites of such bold appliances because they can overpower a design—most homeowners don’t want to color-block their kitchens—so choosing to add color with your range makes it the clear centerpiece of the room. And it matches well with stainless everywhere else!

Elkay Crosstown Interchangeable Aprons

Crosstown® Farmhouse Sinks from Elkay® give you the chance to change your kitchen’s vibe in minutes, because you can choose the Interchangeable Aprons you want in your design arsenal!

A Statement Sink

Everything begins and ends at the sink, so if you want to give this kitchen workhorse the attention it deserves, choose a farmhouse, or apron front, model. This style installs on top of cabinetry and the front remains exposed, so it stands out a lot more than your standard top or undermount sinks. Many come in stainless or copper, but there are also colorful porcelain or quartz finishes to consider. Now, you can even change the look of your sink with interchangeable aprons—imagine the decorative possibilities!

Fireclay Tile Crater Lake

This crisp yet classic kitchen features a backsplash of Fireclay Tile subway tile in Crater Lake. This shade of blue perfectly complements the space’s light and airy aesthetic. (Designed by JL Interior Design, photo by Thomas Kuoh)

A Beautiful Backsplash

Whether you want to refresh a plain kitchen without a total overhaul, visibly tie the whole room together, or just highlight the stove or sink area, a tile backsplash is the way to go. Tile will protect the wall from any splashes, and it comes in so many shapes and colors that you can use it to set any tone you like. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a basic repeating pattern or a complex mosaic—the effect is appreciated either way. Be sure to get samples to help you find the right hue(s)!

If you’re interested in using color in your kitchen, consider employing just one or two of the methods suggested here. Overuse will make the room feel busy and unfocused, so pick your favorite feature or area and let your choice define the space!

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