How to Choose a Great Garage Door Color

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

As a major component of curb appeal, the color of your garage door(s) will have a big impact on your façade. Have you considered what would look best on your exterior? Be sure to take a step back to decide whether a simple scheme or something a bit more complex is the right way to go. If you need some direction, here’s how different garage door colors can dress up your home beautifully!

Clopay Reserve Wood Semi-Custom

Finished in a custom sage green paint color to match the shingle siding, these Reserve® Wood Semi-Custom garage doors help complete this neat little detached garage. The subtle shade helps offset the brick around the base of the structure and the bold red tile roof on top.

Single-Tone Garage Doors

Most homes have garage doors in one color. Traditional raised and recessed panel doors as well as carriage house and modern styles are all available in a variety of factory-applied paint colors, but you can also finish your doors on-site with a custom color, if you prefer.

The first thing you need to decide is whether the garage door should stand out from the rest of the exterior or not. The vast majority of homeowners opt for contrast, whether subtle or striking. Offsetting the garage defines it as the natural focal point it is and can help create a balanced look from the street. There are some instances where people like to match their garage doors to their siding, though. Many modern farmhouses are finished in white, with only the front door and roof in different colors. Some modern homes also choose to blend the garage into its background to streamline the exterior. In any case, there are other ways to add definition to the garage—consider your window and hardware options to give it some style.

So, what color should you go with? White garage doors are the most common because they can work with practically any scheme. Light neutrals are also popular for homes with neutral palettes. If you have a more colorful goal in mind, you can paint your garage door to stand out against the house. Any hue will make a statement on an otherwise white façade. Those with colorful siding can stay within the same color family—a dark blue garage on a lighter blue house, for example—or go with a contrasting tone—like red against forest green—with success. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for a professional opinion!

Clopay Coachman

Coachman® garage doors can be finished in a single color or with two. Offsetting the overlays from the base is perfect when you want to add more interest to your façade, or to match a more intricate exterior design like seen here with a complex Victorian home.

Two-Tone Garage Doors

Want a garage door that provides its own contrast? You’re not alone! Two-tone garage doors are a great way to match the intricacy of certain homes, or to dress up simpler façades that need some interest.

If you have a traditional home, you’ve probably considered carriage house garage doors. With a variety of patterns to choose from, you can give your house a more unique finished look and/or tailor the garage door to your exact architecture. Many people with farmhouses opt for X patterns while formal colonials are often outfitted with vertical overlays, for instance. The natural distinction between the base and overlays makes these doors ideal if you want a two-toned finish. Most people choose a colored base with white overlays to match the look of trim on the house, but darker overlays on a lighter base can also look wonderful on certain designs. As for the exact color(s), the same rules apply as with single-tone doors—whether neutral or colorful, hues should be selected to complement the whole house.

It’s not quite the same, but grid-style contemporary garage doors can also provide contrast for modern homes. No matter the specifics you choose, the windows will always stand out from the frame. Explore all the glass options to find the perfect look—you’ll find plenty of clear, tinted, and obscured varieties in warm and cool tones to add style and the level of privacy you need for your garage.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5 Layer)

With natural highs and lows and unique texture you won’t get with a painted door, wood-look garage doors offer more warmth and a rustic vibe that’s difficult to imitate. Canyon Ridge® Carriage House (5-Layer) garage doors offer authentic wood beauty with faux wood durability, making them an excellent choice for any house.

Wood-Tone Garage Doors

Perhaps you’re looking for a natural look to complement your home? You can’t go wrong with wood! Whether authentic or faux, garage doors with wood looks attract the eye and offer homes of all styles an extra point of interest.

Wood-look garage doors are exceptionally diverse—they can be made from practically any species, a composite material, or even a paint finish that mimics wood on a steel base. They also have you covered whether you want raised or recessed panels, a carriage house look, a modern design, or even if you have your sights set on a completely unique custom creation. Whatever you have in mind, wood-look garage doors offer a range of hues across all finishes, so each one has a more dynamic feel than you can get with paint.

So, how do you choose a color for your wood-look door? Consider whether a lighter or darker tone would complement the façade better. Should it be more golden, red, or rich brown? Or maybe a weathered gray finish is in line with your goals instead? The natural aspect makes it easier to match a wood-tone garage door to a house, so don’t fret—it’s much less likely to clash than a pure paint tone. There’s a range of factory finishes available, but if you know you want a very specific color, you’ll need to invest in a primed composite or real-wood door that you can stain to your exact specifications.

Whatever sort of garage door you’re in the market for, take a look at Clopay®. Their collection includes a wide range of styles to outfit all kinds of architecture to perfection, and you’ll find that each type of door can be finished in a variety of ways to tailor it for your needs. Find a local professional to help you navigate the possibilities, or you can test options yourself with the Door Imagination System!

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