How to Dress Up Your Gables

by Megan Cooney, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

Gables—a sometimes undermined portion of the house that gets overlooked. Don't let yours fall flat! By taking the time to dress up your gables, and tailor them to the design of your house, you will create a well-rounded aesthetic that does wonders for curb appeal. Let’s have a look at a few options for decorating all kinds of gables.

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Fill them in! Pediments and brackets come in a huge variety to suit styles ranging from Craftsman to Victorian.

Gable Pediments and Brackets

Decorating gables with pediment or bracket pieces is perfect for Craftsman and bungalow houses, and you've probably seen very fancy, intricate ones on Victorian abodes. This decorative trim fills in the triangle shape formed by the gable to provide beautiful curb appeal that complements the home's style. This extra touch of detail really draws the eyes of passersby! Be sure to check out the options that fit your architecture—varying styles such as spoked and sunburst can create an authentic colonial theme, for instance. There are also multiple material looks you can use for your pediments, from timber to stone.

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You can merge form and function with gable vents, perfect to accent simpler architecture, like traditional and farmhouse styles.

Gable Vents and Louvers

Gable vents and louvers can be used for practically any home. All homes need venting, and placing the vent on the gable adds a subtle touch of stylish design to the exterior. You can choose to use decorative louvers that aren’t functional too, with non-ventilating slats, just for show. The vents come in plenty of shapes, everything from standard rectangular and square, to circular, triangular, oval, cathedral style, and even diamond. Beyond that, vents can be accented with accessory pieces such as keystones and raised or flat trim. These vents are most commonly seen on houses with simple structures to give them some oomph, such as farmhouses.

Fypon Products

Got gable windows? Make them work! Consider shutters, cool trim, crossheads, etc., to dress them up and add some character.

Gable Window Details

There are so many ways to go when choosing window details for your gable. A simple but effective option is to add a decorative frame around the window. Another option would be to add shutters, too. With so many types of shutters available, you can really personalize the effect. You can go for the board and batten look, rustic planks, or classic panel style. Add a little extra interest to the shutters with hinge straps and clavos. If those choices don’t intrigue you, you can also add a shelf/ledge above and/or below the window. As seen in the picture above, you have the ability to combine multiple elements into one design.

Now that you have a better idea of what’s best suited for your gable, check out Fypon’s® plethora of gable decor. You’ll be sure to find the style for you without breaking the bank with these lightweight, durable pieces that reduce installation time and require minimal maintenance. Happy homebuilding!

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