Purchasing "Made in America" Is a Smart Choice

by Kathy Ziprik, Staff Writer

Building a new home can be a daunting task. There are many decisions that need to be made on a daily basis. You're selecting everything from new cabinets to appliances to flooring to ceiling fans.

When making those product purchase decisions, you're most likely thinking about what products will "work best" with the style of your new home and which products will fit in your budget. But are you also considering a major factor in your purchasing decisions: are the products you choose Made in America?

Tim Carter Installing DaVinci Roof

Tim Carter, a well-known expert in the building industry, installs American-made products like this roof from DaVinci Roofscapes because of their quality and how they help boost the economy.

There are many solid, sensible reasons to buy building products and materials Made in the USA.

"Selecting a toilet, roof or window that's made in the United States supports our economy and keeps Americans employed," says Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com. "I've had my hand on the pulse of the building industry for 20+ years as a builder, and now 20 more years as a new product reviewer, and I've seen firsthand that American-made products resonate with consumers in today's market.

"Some consumers don't realize how much rides on their decision when purchasing a new garage door or insulation for the attic. Every purchase we make impacts our nation's economy, so it's important to make a conscious effort to choose American-made products. That's an important part of the reason why I selected synthetic slate roofing tile from DaVinci Roofscapes, made in Kansas, for my own home last year."

Carter and others in the building industry have found through the years that USA-made products are quality-made with the added benefit of arriving faster at the job site than those products shipped from overseas.

"There's no magic to purchasing Made in America products for home construction," says Carter. "All it takes is the dedicated effort of consumers and building professionals to look for Made in America packaging and commit to supporting our country and our economy."

DaVinci Roofscapes Manufacturing Plant

This manufacturing plant in Kansas produces beautiful and durable roofing tiles and provides American jobs, so homeowners don't have to rely on foreign-made products and their decisions keep people here employed.

The Multiplier Effect

At DaVinci Roofscapes in Lenexa, Kansas, where synthetic shake and slate roofing tiles are made, there's a multiplier effect going on.

"We're extremely proud that all of our products are made in the United States and that we support our economy by providing jobs for hard-working folks around the country," says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO at DaVinci Roofscapes. "We're part of the multiplier effect because our 'Made in America' commitment also means we purchase from suppliers located only in the United States. So, with every roofing tile we sell we're helping our economy to expand in many, many ways."

A secondary impact that DaVinci has on the economy (and the environment) is that every composite roofing tile the company manufactures is 100 percent recyclable. Roofers are encouraged to send back unused tiles to the centrally located plant so they can be recycled into "starter shingles" — those tiles used (but generally unseen) on the roof to start different areas of the project.

DaVinci Regrind

This pile of regrind might not be pretty, but it is a beautiful thing for our environment. A commitment to recycling helps keep perfectly usable materials out of landfills and preserves resources.

In addition to those returned tiles, the company has its own in-house recycling efforts in place. The company produces roofing tiles in 50 standard colors, plus custom colors. Each time the manufacturing operation changes color runs, there is a transitioning between colors. Those transition tiles are off spec and are recycled. The tiles are segregated by color and then ground up and molded into starter shingles.

The company's overall operation procedures and commitment to the environment have permitted DaVinci Roofscapes to recycle more than two million pounds of processed polymer in the past five years. Instead of going into landfills, those two million pounds of re-used polymer are now used as starter shingles.

In 2016 the company accelerated its commitment to recycling by investing in a new grinding recycling system that handles purge (large melted chunks of polymer that can weigh approximately 50 pounds each) as well as off spec product. Thanks to the new machinery, DaVinci anticipated recycling almost 800,000 pounds of reusable product during 2016.

Do your research on the products you select for your new home. Simply choosing to purchase Made in America products can help support our country's economy plus have significant impact on the overall environment.

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