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DFD House Plans Online
DFD House Plans Online
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Our House Plan Packages

All house plan packages from Direct from the Designers™ include detailed construction blueprints, dimensioned floor plans, basic electric layouts, structural information, cross sections, roof plans, cabinet layouts and elevations, as well as general specifications. They contain virtually all of the information you will need to construct your new home.

Here are a list of the house plan packages available from Direct from the Designers™:**

Bid Set

A bid set is stamped "not for construction" and is used to review the blueprint to make sure your design selection is realistic before proceeding with the full package purchase.

Five Set Package

In some localities, building jurisdictions and lenders do not require multiple copies of plans, so a five set plan package may be all you will need. However, our eight set package is a better value, especially if you end up needing additional sets.

Eight Set Package

This is our most popular plan package, because it usually provides enough copies for permits, lenders, and sub contractors.

Vellums - Single Use

Vellum is a single sheet of durable, translucent paper that is erasable and reproducible so it is easy to make changes to the blueprint. Included in this package is a license agreement which grants permission to make revisions to, and copies of the revised design, as necessary for construction. The single use license allows for the construction of one house ONLY.

PDF Digital Plans - Single Use

A single use PDF digital plan set allows you to make as many hard copies as you need. The real benefit to using a PDF file is allows you to easily and quickly email to sub-contractors for bidding purposes. If you intend to modify the plan, we recommend using a CAD file, because changes can't easily be made to the PDF. Note that this package requires a PDF license agreement between you and the designer.

CAD File - Single Use

A CAD file is a reproducible that comes in an electronic version. Just like the vellums, it requires a license agreement between you and the designer.

Plan Foundation Options:


A joisted crawlspace foundation system is provided in the form of an alternative foundation sheet depicting a wood joisted floor system on the lowest floor.


A slab foundation system is provided in the form of an alternative foundation sheet, added to the plans. This sheet will depict a poured concrete slab floor system on the lowest floor.


A full in-ground basement design provides details for either poured concrete, or concrete masonry walls. Please note that, in some cases, the design layout, and/or square footage may be adjusted slightly, as necessary to accommodate interior stairs into the basement area. This is particularly the case, for example, with one level designs, which do not already incorporate a stairway into the design.

Post & Beam

A post and beam foundation system is provided in the form of a foundation sheet depicting a wood floor system consisting of post and girders with 2x6 tongue and groove subfloor decking.

Special Plan Package Options:

ENERGY STAR® Plan Package

In addition to the construction plans, with this package you will receive detailed drawings, wall and roof insulation and glazing specifications and information on cooling calculations for your specific area plus information on getting your home built and certified to ENERGY STAR® standards. You must purchase construction plans as well from the list above. This package is not exchangeable or refundable under any circumstances. Allow one week for completion of your customized package.

Additional Sets

A maximum of four additional sets may be added to your five or eight set plan package at the time you place your order. Between planning and building departments, lending institutions and neighborhood architectural review boards, extra sets may be necessary to provide enough sets for bids and construction.

Full Reverse Sets

Reverse sets are mirror images of the design. With "Full Reverse" plans the layout is mirrored but all of the text and dimensions have been adjusted to read normally.

Materials List

Provides detailed information regarding quantity and sizes of materials necessary for the construction of the design. Although we strongly advise that the builder review and adjust the materials specifications prior to construction, the materials list offers a convenient way to make a rough determination of the costs of materials involved. NOTE: construction practices vary widely and the materials list should not be used as a shopping list, just as an initial guideline.

**not all packages are available for every house plan.

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