Perfect Gifts for New Homeowners

by Lauren Busser Direct from the Designers™’ Editorial Director

Owning or building a first home is a big investment and if you know someone who has just moved into or is planning to update their current home for 2015, you might want to consider gifting one of these wonderful products that will last them for many years to come.

Give someone special a high-tech door they can paint. The Therma-Tru® Classic-Craft® Canvas Collection™ is a full line of energy-efficient paintable doors that can be easily customized.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Canvas Collection

A Durable Front Entry Door You Can Personalize

When you build or purchase your first home you want products that will last for years to come. Nowadays, many homeowners paint their door as a way to freshen up their home’s exterior and entryway. That is why we love the Therma-Tru® Classic-Craft® Canvas Collection™. This sleek and modern door can be adapted into a multitude of styles. The door's surfaces are paintable inside and out so you can customize its color to perfectly suit your home’s unique style and color scheme.

If you want to see exactly how this door will look on your home, you can use Therma-Tru’s® new DoorWays™ app. This new app, launched this year is available through the iTunes app store and lets you test your favorite configurations against your home’s exterior.

Lumber Liquidators Bellawood Natural Maple Flooring

A Floor To Last For Generations

Your floors take a lot of wear and tear so investing in one with a good warranty that will last for years is essential. Take a look at Lumber Liquidator’s® collection of Bellawood® Hardwood Flooring. Bellawood® is a line of beautiful floors that come with a 100-year transferable warranty. That means that your floor will be covered should you decide to sell or your children inherit the home.

Pictured above is the Bellawood® Natural Maple flooring and is made from one of the most durable woods commonly available. Ideal for dining rooms, kids bedrooms, and other bedrooms where home furnishings have to stand the test of everyday life, this floor is sure to be beautiful for year to come. Bellawood® is two times more scratch resistant and four times more abrasion resistant than other brands. It starts at $4.99 a square foot and its rustic look is sure to add to the charm of your home.

Check out the Whirlpool® Ice Collection for an approachable suite of appliances that are sure to last your new homeowners for years to come. Pictured here is the White Ice Collection.

Whirlpool Ice Collection

A Cool Suite of Appliances

The kitchen is the most used room in a home, so consider giving the new homeowners in your life a gift they will get daily use out of for years. One suite that we love is the Whirlpool® Ice Collection. The Ice Collection are high-end yet approachable appliances with a contemporary flare. The modern colors, metallic finishes and subtle textures lend themselves to everyday use.

Beneath the beautiful surfaces are plenty of innovative cooking technologies that the family chefs will appreciate every time they turn on a burner or open the refrigerator or oven door.

Remember that a new home is generally an investment to be enjoyed for the long term so give the new homeowners in your life a gift they will love for years. Whether it's new flooring with an amazing warranty or a gorgeous new appliance, these gifts will keep on giving for the life of the home.

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