Save Space with Compact Appliances

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Are you short on space, or maybe you’re looking for ways to optimize what you have for your personal needs? You can look at all the organization solutions in the world, but first you should see if you can trim down your essentials! There are all sorts of compact appliances to address different wants and challenges, so check them out and reimagine how you could experience your home more efficiently.

JennAir Refrigerator and Freezer Columns

You can build the cold storage arrangement that meets your needs with the refrigerator and freezer columns from JennAir®. Here, you’ll see an 18” Built-in Freezer Column on the left and a 24” Built-in Refrigerator Column on the right. They can be installed independently or together, with stainless or paneled finishes!

Slim the Necessities

There are some things you definitely cannot live without, but if you don’t use them to the fullest, they just create empty space. Not everybody needs a full-size fridge and range, and such households might do better with more cabinet and counter space instead. Many assume that appliances only come in standard and large, commercial sizes, but anybody who’s lived in a small apartment knows otherwise!

Narrow refrigerators exist, as do undercounter models, so you can buy the solution that offers just the right amount of cold storage. If you aren’t big on cooking, find a slim-width range, or opt for a small wall oven and a cooktop with two burners in its place. Invest in the basics every house requires, but do it in a way that’s conscious of your lifestyle.

Whirlpool 2.8 cu. ft. Smart All-in-One Washer and Dryer

Imagine having one appliance that takes dirty laundry and gives it back clean and dry! That’s what you get with the 2.8 cu. ft. Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer from Whirlpool®. Use your smartphone to give it instructions, and fill the dispenser so you don’t have to refill detergent for 20 loads!

Combine Functions

Sometimes, you can consolidate multiple functions into a single appliance. That’s two (or more) for the cubic footage of one—a great investment for the space-savvy or minimalist home. In the kitchen, consider a convection microwave oven, which combines the functions of a conventional microwave with those of an oven, so you can heat up frozen meals as well as bake. These are also available in models with hood functions! And if you want to replace countertop appliances with a built-in one, a warming drawer can serve as a slow cooker and bread proofer along with performing its usual job.

All-in-one laundry is making quite the stir among people with limited space, too. No need to wait around and transfer the load—these appliances are made to wash and dry in the same drum! And, as ventless machines, they are exceptionally convenient because they can be placed practically anywhere. Don’t forget to put it on a pedestal to store all your laundry supplies in one handy place, out of sight.

KitchenAid 36" 5 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop

The 36” 5 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop from KitchenAid® has ventilation capabilities built-in—no need for a hood! This is perfect if you want to cook on an island, or if you want to preserve more overhead cabinet space on a wall. Like the idea but need something smaller? Try the 30” 4 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop!

Create Illusions

What if you could completely erase something—at least visually? Without filling that space, you’ll feel like you have more! Cooktop ventilation doesn’t require a traditional overhead hood; downdraft models can pull steam and grease away before it even rises to your face. Some draw air straight back down into the cooktop, while others telescope into position and out of sight again on demand. These are a great way to consolidate even more!

Camouflaging appliances also creates the illusion of more space by expanding the breadth of cabinets and reducing the feel of clutter. You can panel some major appliances—not the oven!—for this effect, as well as hide countertop appliances in special cabinetry that conceals them on the counter in a secret cubby or that lifts them into place for use. It’s all about getting the functionality you need while showing less.

Whirlpool 15-inch Convertible Trash Compactor

Give your refuse less room with the 15-inch Convertible Trash Compactor from Whirlpool®. Its portable design can be placed for your convenience, and you’ll love the hands-free operation. Just imagine how much time—and how many bags—you’ll save taking out the trash less often!

Customize Your Space

When you can get more from something extra, make sure it’s something you’ll actually use! So long as you do, it’s worth the space. For example, if you use a lot of ice but want to forgo the full-size refrigerator with an ice maker, maybe a dedicated ice maker is more attractive than refilling trays in a compact fridge. If trash seems to build up quickly—perhaps from all the takeout that inspired you to get smaller cooking appliances—a compactor can condense it so you don’t have to take it out as often. Use some of that space you’ve saved to optimize elsewhere.

You never know what you’ll find until you look around! Ask your builder or a local appliance dealer for suggestions that fit your space and your lifestyle, or explore online to familiarize yourself with the options and get some ideas. Compact appliances can help you customize your home, especially if you’ve jumped on the tiny house wagon, but they’re also ideal for game rooms and outfitting great master suites with conveniences you might only be used to on vacation. It’s your house, so really make it your own!

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