Stone Ideas for a Beautiful Bathroom Design

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

When it comes to interior design, most people throw their energy into the kitchen and living spaces. It makes sense—these are the most public areas that will be enjoyed by family and guests alike. But don’t overlook the value of other well-designed rooms! A beautiful bathroom is much more pleasant than a basic utilitarian one, so think about what you can do to spruce it up. Take cues from the spaces you’ve already put thought into and add some of the same elements to give your home a more cohesive look throughout. If you like stone around the fireplace or as an accent elsewhere, consider incorporating it into your bathroom as well. Here are some ways stone can make your bathroom stand out for all the right reasons!

Cultured Stone Hewn Stone

Hewn Stone comes in different colors, so you can choose the best one for your design vision. This is the Arctic color blend, a bright and cool tone perfect for crisp minimalist schemes. If you’d like something warmer, Foundation offers a sandy Mediterranean palette. Span and Talus are medium/dark warm greys with a more rustic vibe. Whichever you prefer, Hewn Stone’s rough surface will add plenty of texture to the room.

Set the Tone

Plain designs fall flat on first sight and don’t do much for your day-to-day experience. Just as you might choose a specific color for your bedroom, so too should you consider the impression your bathroom creates. For example, would you like it to be warm and cozy or cool and rejuvenating? Once you know your preference, you can find stone that supports the atmosphere you want!

There are plenty of color blends to choose from—everything from light to dark, monochrome to high-contrast, etc.—and they offer a better look than paint overall. Why? Because paint is uniform and the subtle color variation in most stone products keeps the eye moving, softening the effect of any color in the space. If you’re going for a bright aesthetic, near-white stone will avoid the harsh effect that stark white paint might have. Similarly, a deep stone blend won’t seem as dark as a solid color.

Of course, tone means more than just color in this context. Look at the whole picture. Some stone profiles are aimed at contemporary designs while others are more rustic or geared to a specific regional aesthetic. So, when you choose to decorate your bathroom with stone, you can give it a lot more personality. Seeing as you have less to work with in the bathroom compared to other spaces that include furniture, artwork, and other accents, incorporating stone is one of the most effective design decisions you could make.

Cultured Stone Cast-Fit

This beautiful bathroom features a wall of Cast-Fit® in Parchment™, a large-faced stone with a range of light warm hues. It creates a cozy feel on its own, but the simple offset or stretcher bond pattern it has been installed with also balances with the herringbone flooring and tile in the shower as well as the vertical woodgrain in the cubby shelving.

Balance with Patterns

The majority of today’s bathrooms are incredibly bland. The walls are typically one color. The sanitaryware from the sink(s), to the shower/tub, to the toilet are usually the same. Nothing really pops unless you use tile or go for contrasting fixtures. If you want to combat this boringness on a grander scale, one of the best ways is to install a stone backdrop.

Stone comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some profiles have uniform pieces while others are incredibly diverse. Many stack neatly while others have rough edges that create shadows or can be packed with grout. Whether you have a regular, repeating lay pattern in mind or you prefer a completely unique application, stone will add some much-needed visual interest to the background of your bathroom. If you really want to underscore a pattern, you can use grout that contrasts with the stone. In any case, a stone accent wall is a great way to break up monotony!

Cultured Stone Coral Stone

All stone will add a natural element to a space, but if you want a bit more appeal, consider Coral Stone. It’s a minimalist profile with a relatively flat face full of fossil impressions—it offers the perfect mix of sharp contemporary style and authentic biophilic texture. Whether installed as a feature highlight or across a whole wall, Coral Stone will make a bold statement!

Add a Biophilic Touch

You’ve probably noticed a growing appreciation for interior designs that draw inspiration from the natural environment. Well, that concept has a name—biophilic design. Including natural tones and textures—everything from wood, to stone, to potted plants—in our indoor environments has been proven to reduce stress and promote overall well-being. As with anything else, you’ll see this employed in communal spaces most often, but it might just be the bathroom design answer you’ve been looking for!

Given the real risk of moisture intrusion in the bathroom, you have to be careful when choosing finishing products. You should opt for wood-look tile over actual hardwood flooring, for example. Perhaps unsurprisingly, stone is perfectly suited to dress up the walls in a biophilic design—most of it can be installed on the exterior, so you know it’s durable enough for the bathroom. Once you have your major surfaces covered, add some greenery like a rainforest plant or a jungle-themed shower curtain. Even the little touches can go a long way toward a healthier scheme!

If you’re in search of stone for any sort of application indoors or out, take a look at Cultured Stone®. Their collection includes all kinds and you’ll find a wide variety of color options in the mix. You’re sure to find a wonderful complement for your design aspirations! Find a local dealer to discuss the possibilities and start planning!

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