Stylish Entry Doors for Traditional Homes

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

If you like traditional homes, you know how important the right front door is for each one. Whether you’re looking across different types of architecture or at a street lined with similar façades, the entry is a point of interest that sets every residence apart. Do you know what your home needs? Here are some beautiful traditional entries for inspiration, and the different aspects to take into account to help you find the perfect door.

Therma-Tru Classic Craft Founders Collection in Canvas

Solid and simple, this Classic Craft® Founders Collection™ in Canvas entry (Style No. CCV220) features sidelites (Style No. CCV100SL) with clear glass and a vibrant Indigo paint finish that complements the home’s cedar shingle siding.

Identify Your Style

Homes come in all sorts of architectural styles, and so do their finishes. Grand European designs call for very different entries than comparatively understated farmhouses. Decorative elements vary widely when you compare Craftsman, Victorian, and Southwestern homes—all of which call for and set themselves apart with their finer details. Get familiar with the things that complement the architecture of your home, and then see what you can design with the most fitting options available!

Classic Craft Artissa Collection in Fir Grain

These Full Lite Shaker Flush-Glazed (Style No. CCA82360XE-SDLF5) Classic Craft® Artíssa Collection™ in Fir Grain doors have satin etch glass for privacy. The pattern of the lites beautifully complements the interior's full wall wainscoting.

Consider Lites

You can define a door with lites and the glass you choose to fill them. Want a very clean look? Let the pattern of the lites make a statement by filling them with clear or privacy glass. Does your home call for some more embellishment? Look at decorative glass options, which use a variety of glass types, caming, and artistic inspiration to create designs that suit all sorts of homes. Most people prioritize the view from the street when they decide on the right look, but your choice will also be seen inside, so consider what it could do for your interior design, too. In either case, you’ll benefit from the natural light allowed into your foyer.

Classic Craft Artissa Collection in Mahogany Grain

Perfect for Mission-style architecture, this gorgeous Classic Craft® Artíssa Collection™ in Mahogany Grain door (Style No. CCM9923) features Homeward™ glass. If you’re building in the Southwest, consider pairing a woodgrain door with this decorative glass option.

Choose a Surface Finish

The finish on your door might seem like a minor detail from the street, but it definitely helps set the tone for curb appeal. If you want to paint your door, a smooth surface is best because it helps the paint adhere securely for longer lasting color. If you prefer a natural wood look, you’ll find a variety of woodgrain textures on durable and efficient fiberglass doors, so you can get the appeal of real wood without the ongoing maintenance. Consider your location and the history of your home’s style to help decide on your woodgrain; a readily available choice like fir or oak is perfect for straightforward style, while something more exotic like mahogany works well for dressier homes. Of course, you aren’t tied to the natural color of whatever wood draws you—that’s left up to the stain you choose.

Classic Craft Founders Collection in Mahogany Grain

With the flourish of Arcadia™ glass, these Classic Craft® Founders Collection™ in Mahogany Grain doors (Style No. CCR804029) suit an elegant Victorian façade. The Driftwood finish adds a nice established look to match the older style, too.

Select Color to Stand Out

Traditional homes actually have some of the boldest doors when it comes to color, so don’t be shy! Even many relatively plain styles—think Cape Cod, brownstones, etc.—use paint colors that pop on the entry to immediately draw attention to this focal point and differentiate each house from its oft-similar neighbors. If you want a stained door instead, you’ll find plenty of colors that complement different exterior schemes. Natural wood tones can be subdued or vibrant and neutral or saturated; how they stand out depends on the colors used elsewhere on the façade. It’s up to you, your builder, and/or a designer to find the right balance.

Classic Craft Artissa Collection in Mahogany Grain

The rich Mulberry finish on this Classic Craft® Artíssa Collection™ in Mahogany Grain entry (Style No. CCR1415 for the door and CCR1423SL for the sidelites) pops against the white door surround and offsets the warm amber details in the Arborwatch™ glass. On an otherwise neutral façade, these colors definitely draw the eye.

Look at the Whole Picture

The single most important thing to remember when designing a home exterior is to take a step back. Every piece of the picture contributes to the whole, and even if the front entry should feature prominently, you want it to exist in harmony with the rest of the house. So, take note of the breadth of the space you have to work with and fill it accordingly, mix and match colors and textures to keep it interesting, and don’t forget to factor trim and other decorative elements into the equation. Not sure where to start? Try this Design Your Door tool to explore the possibilities and even test your creations on an image of your own or a similar home to ensure you love the final results!

If you need the perfect front door for a traditional home, or anything else for that matter, you won’t be lost for lack of options at Therma-Tru®. Their Classic Craft® Artíssa Collection™ and Founders Collection™ are the perfect places to look if you need an Arts and Crafts inspired entry or a classically designed one, respectively. With plenty of configurations, glass types, surface textures, and PrismaGuard paint and stain options, you can build an entry that completely suits your home, and gives it your own personal touch, of course. Find a local dealer to help make your dream front entry a reality!

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