Use Dark Stone for a Dramatic Design

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

If you’re tired of the light and bright aesthetic, don’t be afraid to use dark finishes in your home! Many people feel that an interior in shades of white is too cold or even clinical for their liking, and that it also lacks personality. Anybody looking to introduce some depth of color should consider including dark stone in their design—here’s what it can do for you!

Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone in Echo Ridge

This fireplace with Country Ledgestone in Echo Ridge® helps tie the room together thanks to its deep neutral color that bridges the gap between the rich wood floor and the light coffered ceiling. Opting for natural stone hues also keeps the room feeling traditional despite the open space and large windows of modern construction. (Photo credit: Redstart Construction)

Anchor the Room

If you need a focal point, stone makes a wonderful choice. It’s the natural complement for fireplaces—which already draw the eye—but can also be used for accent walls and to highlight any other features you might have. Compared to the more popular white stone options that reflect light and keep spaces feeling open, dark stone does a better job of drawing you in. Not only does it tend to stand out more in otherwise light design schemes, it also attracts attention when combined with brighter and darker colors and other materials thanks to its neutral tones, matte surface, and shadows, depending on the profile. And perhaps best of all, it offsets other design choices better. Many designers and homeowners see the appeal in this these days—flip through some look books and you’re sure to find boldly furnished rooms anchored by dark stone!

Cultured Stone Cobblefield in Gray

Cobblefield® in Gray gives this home an older, more established vibe than others of its age, even when paired with smooth stucco. Authentic colonial architecture would have been similarly outfitted in a varied color palette and range of stone shapes based on material availability at the time.

Add Historical Charm

Aside from grand ancient feats of construction that used white marble, historical homes were built using whatever was at hand. Some areas around the world have naturally lighter stone, but most environments are full of medium to dark stone types due to their geological background. So, when contemporary design and updated aesthetic preferences came around, people gravitated toward chic light stone with clean cut lines because it was a step away from the mundane—dark and irregular—stone options of the past. Now, darker, more natural stone is ideal for those who want a rustic touch as well as anybody trying to capture the original charm of a historical home style. If this sounds like you, do some research on your area and architecture and make an effort to choose stone that looks like it could have been installed back in the day!

Cultured Stone Sculpted Ashlar in Grouse

Sculpted Ashlar in Grouse isn’t a very dark blend by itself, but when installed with dark grout, you can really appreciate its mixed hues and highly defined shapes. Using it on the back wall pulls the eye across the room while columns provide visual balance—imagine how flat this space would look without the stone!

Provide Depth & Interest

Flat walls just not doing it for you? If you struggle to put together a coherent design with furnishings alone, your background could be the problem. Imagine your space as a painting—does it fill out from the foreground through to the back? An imbalance could make things look incomplete or cluttered, even when you have the right parts. So, think of your walls as the backdrop to your other design choices when you select colors for your paint, drapes, and stone. Darker varieties stand out here again because they add depth to the space, and dark stone has the added benefit of providing texture and/or a pattern with grout lines to break up the wall. Not sure how best to pull off the look? Get some ideas from interior designer Kerrie Kelly and don’t be afraid to connect with a local professional!

Take a look at Cultured Stone® if you’d like to add some visual interest to your home with stone and/or brick! They offer a full range of products suitable for traditional and contemporary designs alike, with color hues and textures designed to breathe life into your spaces. Find a local dealer to see what they can do for you!

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