Why to Invest in Bathroom Skylights

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

If you’re like most people, you probably think of skylights as a fixture for main living spaces or upstairs bonus areas, but they can be a great asset anywhere in the house! Skylights make a wonderful addition to bathrooms in particular, given what they have to offer. Here are the main reasons why installing bathroom skylights is a good investment!

VELUX Skylights

A large skylight over the shower and another above the vanity eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day. This arrangement also maximizes the advantages of sunlight—it’s naturally invigorating, inhibits mold and bacteria growth, and doesn’t distort color perception, so you can trust your outfit and makeup will look as good outside as they do when you’re getting ready.

Natural Lighting

The main function of skylights is to provide natural light inside. They’re much better equipped for this task than windows because they’re installed on the roof, which receives more consistent sun than a wall on one side. Skylights in the bathroom brighten the space as they would anywhere else, but they also offer a few practical advantages that are especially helpful here. First, sunlight naturally inhibits mold and bacteria growth, so it can help keep your bathroom fresher. Light fills space better when it shines from above, and that creates better conditions for applying makeup than fixtures than shine directly at you. Getting ready for the day in natural light will also ensure you look as good out in the world—lighting affects how you see colors, so what you see in the mirror while getting dressed and primped beneath an artificial light won’t align with the view once you leave the house. Whether your main concerns are practical or aesthetic, a skylight or two can optimize your bathroom!

VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights

This unique bathroom features Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights on both sides of the vaulted ceiling to provide light, sky views, and effective ventilation in lieu of a noisy fan that would require ductwork. And the skylight shades can be lowered for privacy and/or to reduce the light coming in during the day!

Passive Ventilation

Bathrooms get hot and humid with regular use—these conditions are uncomfortable and promote mold growth, so you need to address the issue for your own health and to keep the bathroom in good shape. A ventilation fan can help move heat and steam out, but there is a lower tech option that’s even more effective—opening up the ceiling. Venting skylights can be opened manually, with a remote control, through an app, or even automatically in response to rising temperatures and humidity in the room, so you can install whatever works best for you. In any case, when the skylight is opened, hot air will naturally rise up and out, taking moisture away with it. You’ll feel the difference immediately—it’s faster and more efficient than relying on a fan!

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights

A pair of Sun Tunnel® Skylights brighten this spacious bathroom without placing a pane of glass in the ceiling. Ideal for small and interior rooms, these nifty skylights reflect light from the roof down inside, where they look like recessed lighting. They come with rigid and flexible tunnels to work around any obstructions you might have in the attic, and you can choose the diffuser that creates the best effect in your space.

Comfortable Ambiance

There’s no substitution for fresh air and natural daylight, but given modern lifestyles, too many of us feel the effects of being cooped up inside. That’s why it’s a great idea to improve the look and feel of your whole interior! Bathrooms are often overlooked when designing, but you shouldn’t disregard their aesthetics just because they primarily serve a utilitarian role. The fact is, nobody enjoys a dark, dreary, or damp bathroom, and you’ll feel better in a bathroom that is brighter and more refreshing. So, don’t be afraid to introduce the uplifting effects of the great outdoors inside with skylights—you’ll be better for it!

If you’d like to add skylights to your bathrooms or anywhere else in the house, VELUX® has you covered with a full range of products to suit all needs. In addition to fixed, manual, electric, and solar-powered skylights, they offer super cost-effective Sun Tunnel® skylights and multi-functional roof windows that count as a means of egress. Whether you’re building new or renovating, schedule a virtual consultation for expert help choosing the best skylight solution for your home!

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