Why You'll Love Polyurethane Products

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Finishing your house means making it a home, with all the right touches that create the atmosphere you’ve envisioned for it. Including millwork in the interior and exterior design of any house helps give it character by accenting spaces, whether they be in living areas or under gables and eaves of covered porches.

As people try to find the perfect millwork, practical concerns like water and insect damage come up. That’s why polyurethane moulded millwork is an increasingly popular option, because it comes with a host of benefits compared to natural wood and plaster versions. Keep reading to learn about how Fypon’s® polyurethane products would be the perfect choice to help you finish your home!

Fypon Moulded Millwork Production

Polyurethane millwork from Fypon® is produced using precise moulds. The high-density polymer is tough, rigid, and suitable for application around the entire house.

About Moulded Millwork

What makes moulded millwork different is its composition. The process begins with a master template of each piece of millwork; this master is carved out of real wood and is used to create production moulds. A mixture of isocyanate and resin is used to produce the polyurethane, which is allowed to expand into the desired shape under pressure while inside of a mould. The resulting pieces come out exactly as anticipated, as duplicates of the master, but they have some truly remarkable qualities.

The polyurethane pieces are high-density and thermoset. In simpler terms, this means that the polymers in the material have been hardened by crosslinking the chains to create the final product. The closed-cell structure of the polyurethane is immensely hardy, making it possible for the pieces to be recommended for use everywhere. And just to ensure that these carefully crafted pieces last, they are finished with a UV-resistant coating before they leave the factory.

Fypon Kitchen Design

This eat-in kitchen features a well-coordinated selection of moulded millwork. In addition to crown moulding and the stylish crosshead over the doorway, the walls are accented with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets and polyurethane base trim. That means easy cleaning!

Unbeatable Resistance

The microscopic structure of moulded millwork is what makes it so durable. Liquid cannot penetrate this closed, dense structure, making fear of water damage a thing of the past. That’s why polyurethane pieces are absolutely perfect for bathrooms—where interior design can be held back due to practicality concerns—and for places where they’ll be exposed to the elements.

This imperviousness to water means that moulded millwork won’t warp or rot, and it also won’t splinter from swelling and shrinking through wet-dry cycles. While natural wood would eventually fall prey to these problems, polyurethane will remain unaffected by the elements over the years. What’s more, insects have no taste for the synthetic stuff, so this is the only millwork that they’re sure to leave alone. You can protect your investment in decorative architectural accents by making sure they’re resilient by design, and polyurethane fits the bill perfectly.

Fypon Porch Design

At first glance, this porch on a Civil War-era home looks like any other, but it actually features polyurethane products from Fypon® that have been treated to look like aged wood. The columns, soffits, door surround, and faux ceiling beams are all beautiful, show wood grains, and are painted to help accentuate knots and mimic weathering.

Matchless Affordability

The biggest concern for wooden millwork is its longevity, but there are also other associated costs that make it more expensive than it’s worth. Large beams are heavy and costly to ship, and the weights of multiple smaller pieces will still add up just the same. In addition to the price of the wood itself, you will be looking at shipping, labor, maintenance, and replacement. The long-term value of polyurethane millwork is indisputable, but it is also lightweight and will save you money right from the start.

For people who like the natural look of wood, it can be hard to imagine picking anything else. Rest assured that you don’t have to give that up! Moulded millwork is duplicated from wooden master templates with authentic wood grain textures, so the natural beauty is still there. It can then be painted or stained to your liking to bring out its best. Imagine installing massive faux ceiling beams at a fraction of the cost, and not being able to tell the difference between them and the real things!

If you’re interested in polyurethane products, get prepared for some more good news. Once you order moulded millwork, Fypon® promises to ship within five working days. And in addition to an extensive catalog of millwork for all kinds of applications, you can also request custom pieces. All the options can seem overwhelming, but there is even a style selection tool to help you get started! So find your local dealer and see about completing the architectural design of your home today!

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