Why You'll Love Tile Flooring in Every Room

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Choosing flooring for your home can be quite the undertaking. Not only do you have to consider aesthetic qualities, but numerous materials add another variable to the equation. Conventional wisdom advises different floorings for different rooms, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s why tile, long considered a humble staple of bathrooms, actually makes a great addition throughout the house.

Avella Ultra Boardwalk Oak Porcelain Tile

Avella Ultra Boardwalk Oak Porcelain Tile makes you do a double take—you’d never install actual wood in a bathroom setting, but this tile authentically recreates the look here!

It’s Waterproof

Porcelain tile’s primary appeal lies in its waterproof nature—that’s why it remains the preferred choice for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Porcelain tile flooring has come a long way from the plain, solid-colored squares of the past, and now it can help you install a beautiful hardwood look in every corner of your home's interior. With authentic tones and textures, wood-look tile elevates the designs of spaces formerly left ho-hum due to their practical needs.

So, why is it a big deal to have your entire home outfitted in waterproof flooring? Because spills and other mishaps happen, but most importantly, because it allows you to wet mop with confidence. Everybody appreciates a spotless home, but many of our surfaces and furnishings are downright difficult to clean. Porcelain tile doesn’t absorb liquids or dirt like wood or carpet, and it also won’t be damaged by your efforts to sanitize the floor. You can even steam clean it! Those with allergies and other sensitivities stand to gain the most, but we all could benefit from waterproof and utterly cleanable flooring.

Avella Ultra Galassia Nero Porcelain Tile

Have you ever considered a rich stone floor? Avella Ultra Galassia Nero Porcelain Tile offers the look of dark marble—complete with veining—at a fraction of the cost.

It’s Durable

You live on your floors and put them through a lot of stress. It’s no secret that homeowners replace, refinish, or otherwise refresh flooring every so often to remove scuffs, scratches, and stains. Everything from daily wear, to pets with dirty paws and sharp nails, to heavy furniture can cause damage, so durable flooring is an awesome investment that can save you time and money down the road.

Tile floors come out on top in terms of durability because they are exceptionally hard. Be sure to ask for PEI ratings when you shop—the Porcelain Enamel Institute rates tile on its suitability for different applications so you can make an informed decision. PEI Class III tile is good for residential use in areas with up to moderate traffic, and PEI Class IV can handle heavy traffic, making it ideal for every part of the house. Traditional tile for bathroom floors can be as low as Class II, so new wood- and stone-look options marketed for whole-home applications are a lot more wear-resistant than you might think!

Avella Quick Click Yellowstone Oak Porcelain Tile

Easy to install, Avella Quick Click Yellowstone Oak Porcelain Tile can give you a super durable floor even without mortar!

It’s Flexible

Flexible in the practical and aesthetic senses, that is! Tile’s qualities are unique as far as building materials go. It comes in numerous styles to mimic popular and coveted wood species and stone varieties. You don’t have to wait for it to acclimate to the site before installing. You can install it with any color grout to achieve a particular look. There are even mortar-free options to slash installation time—and they’re still waterproof and have high PEI ratings. You can also choose to lay it in a traditional staggered or captivating herringbone pattern. There are so many ways to make tile your own!

And have you thought about underfloor heating? Tile flooring is compatible, and not only does it take the sharp chill out of the porcelain or ceramic, it’s also an efficient way to heat your home. It heats much more evenly than other methods and you can set the system up room-by-room for targeted use. Underfloor heating costs more up front, but its installation is easy to coordinate with tile and it yields a more comfortable home that saves money in the long run.

Check out Lumber Liquidators for all your tile flooring needs! You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful styles that can elevate your interior design as well as add a new level of practicality and convenience to your life. If you have trouble believing these examples are really tile and not authentic wood or stone, visit a local store to see them in person!

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