Finish a Home with the Perfect Hardware

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Throughout the house, everything from major fixtures down to minute hardware details helps to set the tone for your design. Have you considered what style you like yet, or taken stock of all the pieces you’ll need? Here are some of our favorite hardware looks to consider, from the basics you couldn’t miss all the way to extras that’ll really set your home apart.

Signature Hardware Kembla Copper Farmhouse Sink

The 30" Kembla Copper Farmhouse Sink strikes a rustic tone and lets you choose your drain finish—would you like it to match or contrast? Explore more farmhouse sinks to see which statement sink looks right for you!

Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures

When people start shopping for interior finishes, they usually start with sinks, faucets, and lighting fixtures. These high-use features function at a higher level than other sorts of hardware—they’re hooked up to utilities, after all—so they must be especially practical for the household’s needs. For instance, some might require a single basin sink to accommodate large dishes. A faucet with a single lever would be preferred over one with turn handles for anybody with grip issues. And how you intend to place furniture will affect what sorts of lights you should look at—you wouldn’t want to put a low-hanging pendant fixture anywhere but over a table or kitchen island. Focus on functionality first!

Of course, aesthetics also matter, because fixtures naturally draw the eye. Check out Fixture Finishes to Define Your Design if you’d like a breakdown of the major options. The same information about finishes applies for every type of product in this article!

Signature Hardware Kitchen Hardware

The dark accents on the cabinet door and drawer hardware in this kitchen complement the space well, balancing with the black elements—the hexagonal tile grout lines and and the faucet—higher up in the room. Take the time to find the perfect knobs and pulls for your kitchen and bathrooms!

Cabinet Hardware

They may be small compared to other hardware pieces, but cabinet knobs and drawer pulls still have a lot of influence. You need a small army of them to outfit the kitchen, bathrooms, and any built-ins, and all that adds up. Look for something that’s easy and comfortable to grasp and that has the right vibe—streamlined and contemporary, formal and historical, etc.—for the space. And if you happen to be paneling your kitchen appliances to make them blend into the cabinets, look into appliance pulls so they match the rest of the room.

Hardware should contrast with the cabinet color(s), not only so you can instantly identify how they open, but because it breaks up the monotony of cabinetry. Most cabinets are only one color—you don’t see two tones on the same door very often—so it’s up to you to add interest with knobs and pulls.

Signature Hardware Albury Towel Rack

If you want to keep towels and small items easily at hand, consider the Albury Towel Rack. Look into bathroom accessories for all sorts of bath hardware essentials from simple hooks to grab bars for safety, and into coat hooks and racks if you need hanging storage for an entryway.

Hanging Hardware

Whether for coats, towels, or toilet paper, hanging hardware helps you make use of vertical space. It can also make a huge difference if you have a tight room, because a relatively small hook won’t visually fill up volume like shelving would. Give every member of the family a place for their seasonal outerwear by the front door or in the mudroom—it’s more convenient than digging through a closet every day!—and outfit each bathroom’s walls well for its users. This way, nobody will have to set things down on the floor or countertops; hanging storage cuts down on clutter, believe it or not!

Signature Hardware Edwin Barn Door Hardware

The horseshoe-style hangers of this Edwin Barn Door Hardware would be perfect for a country or ranch home. Barn doors have been increasing in popularity for years, and they’re used in all sorts of houses these days. That’s why you’ll find a diverse array of barn door hardware suitable for all designs!

Door Hardware

The front door is one thing you probably have on your radar early on, but what about interior doors? They also give you tons to consider in terms of knobs and handles! And if you want any pocket doors or barn doors—both trendy these days among people who want to eliminate door swing—you’ll need specialized hardware for those. There’s plenty of variation to be found, so don’t think you have to settle for the standard options.

Also consider decorative and functional extras. Door accessories like strap hinges and clavos are a great way to add old-fashioned niche appeal. Door stops come in different forms—and many are beautiful pieces that add charm to a room. A knocker on the front door could be the missing element you need to complete your façade. You never know what’ll strike you and make your doors unique until you look!

Signature Hardware Classic Brass Shelf Bracket

The Classic Brass Shelf Bracket has a simple shape to work with a variety of schemes. It comes in four finishes and three sizes that can support up to 100 pounds per pair! Not ornate enough for you? Whatever type of design you’re going for, you’ll find shelf brackets to match.

Shelf Hardware

Who doesn’t love built-in shelving? Whether you have books, plants, or trinkets to put on display, a shelf is the way to go. Traditional stand-alone and built-in bookcases have their place, but don’t overlook the humble bracket shelf. This simple solution just requires installing brackets on the wall and placing a plank on top to create the shelf. Like hooks and other hanging storage, shelving made with brackets leaves the space more open. And the brackets come in so many designs that they’re a great way to add extra flair.

Signature Hardware Old Victorian Cast Iron Floor Register

This Old Victorian Cast Iron Floor Register adds historical charm where you might not expect it! Registers don’t get the same attention as other hardware, but they do give you plenty of design options—check out floor and wall registers to be inspired.

HVAC Hardware

Perhaps the most overlooked category of hardware for residential use, HVAC registers are actually available in tons of designs, but most people don’t know it. There are lovely patterns for every type of architecture, and just like anything else, they come in a variety of metallic finishes. Say goodbye to basic steel grilles—there’s a great wide world of motifs to discover in iron, brass, bronze, and other metals!

Check out Signature Hardware’s extensive catalog for all your hardware needs! You’ll find everything from major plumbing and light fixtures to tiny decorative details. And with so many options for products running the gamut from traditional to contemporary, you’re sure to find pieces that catch your eye. If you need any help tracking down the perfect hardware, don’t be afraid to reach out for professional assistance!

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