Gorgeous & Durable Wood-Look Flooring

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Anybody who has shopped for flooring before knows it can be difficult—even just to choose a material! Today’s homeowners want something that looks like real wood but stands up to heavy traffic, pets, and the possibility of splashes, all without the need for much maintenance. If you’re looking for such a floor, here’s why rigid core flooring could be the solution you need for your active household!

Armstrong Flooring Summerfield Oak Rigid Core

Summerfield Oak Rigid Core flooring is perfect for adding the appeal of wood to your bathroom in a much more durable package! You’ll love that this low gloss option has extra-long board lengths and four colors to help match your scheme. And like other Rigid Core Vantage products, it boasts a dense composite core and a commercial grade wear layer to offer outstanding performance.

Gorgeous Wood Looks

Homeowners love the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, but it’s often a challenge for the average home to keep it in good condition. Wear and tear from normal use builds up over time and will eventually require refinishing, and you also have to be wary of where you install it in the first place. You don’t want to set your floor up for failure by exposing it to more than it can handle!

If you want the look of wood without the worry, rigid core flooring delivers realistic tones and embossed textures to satisfy your aesthetic needs. You’ll find mimics of a variety of domestic and exotic hardwood species as well as select, rustic, reclaimed, and distressed surface patterns. Want single- or multi-width planks? It’s your choice! How about extra wide (7"-9") or extra long (up to 60") planks to amp up your interior style? Plenty of products fit the bill, and at an affordable price. Rigid core flooring opens so many design possibilities that you won’t be lost for lack of options. In addition to numerous hardwood looks, you’ll even discover concrete and natural stone imitations in the mix!

Armstrong Flooring Primitive Forest Rigid Core

Primitive Forest Rigid Core flooring comes in two colors with plenty of eye-catching wood details. If you want a do-it-yourself project, you’ll love the float installation and angle-locking planks that snap together easily over the subfloor. LUXE Plank with Rigid Core products come in numerous authentic hardwood patterns, as well as striking stone- and concrete-look planks.

Extreme Durability

What is rigid core flooring, exactly? Despite appearances, it’s a hybrid vinyl product that provides incomparable durability and protection against everyday challenges. Extreme resistance to dents, scratches, and stains puts it well ahead of the competition, and with complete waterproofness, you won’t have to worry about humidity or spills swelling or buckling the planks. These qualities are thanks to the layered construction of the product, with strength and resilience built-in all the way through.

Different rigid core products have slightly different construction, but the best ones all start with four basic layers. The foundation of each plank is a cork or synthetic acoustic pad backing, which helps absorb sound, adapt to slightly imperfect subfloors, and provide some cushioning for your feet. Next, there’s a dense core that confers most of the practical benefits—waterproofness, dent resistance, etc. The design layer sits on that, with all the colors, patterns, and textures that you want to bring to your interior. Finally, it’s all topped with a wear layer that protects against scuffs, dents, and stains to keep the design looking great. Be sure to look at the warranties of the products you consider—you’ll see that all this means they’re in it for the long haul!

Armstrong Flooring in House Plan-7263

This Vintage Chestnut Rigid Core - Antique Natural flooring offers extreme durability, is 100% waterproof, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty for residential use thanks to its commercial VisionGuard® AC4 wear layer, which provides improved protection when compared to traditional vinyl wear layers. If you're looking for the utmost in style and performance, a PRYZM product like this is the way to go—that's why it was the architect's choice for House Plan 7263, shown here!

Flexible Installation

Finally, along with superior aesthetics and durability, rigid core flooring makes installation easy. As stated, the backing helps it adapt to slightly uneven subfloors, while other flooring types require totally level subfloors to avoid damage. The planks also click together easily, locking into place on the sides and ends to “float” over the subfloor with no need for glue or nails. This means it makes a relatively simple DIY project, but you’ll also save on professional installation because a contractor can put the floor together very quickly. The planks don’t need any acclimation time and they’re suitable for the whole house—living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, even the basement!—so you’re free to use rigid core flooring wherever you want, as soon as it’s delivered.

Has rigid core flooring caught your fancy? Check out the possibilities that Armstrong® Flooring brings to the table! They offer four lines to suit all budgets, and you’ll find plenty of beautiful designs in each one. All of them have matching trim to ensure a gorgeous final result and many are FloorScore® certified for indoor air quality. Find a local store or order samples online to see how their large selection of colors and patterns can outfit your home!

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