Handy Window Innovations to Consider

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers

There’s a great wide world of options out there when you select the finishing products for your own home! Many people think that windows basically come down to dimensions, glazing, and frame style/color, but they actually give you more to think about. If you’d like to add some practical convenience and extra value to your windows, here are some options to invest in.

Pella Reserve - Traditional Double Hung Windows with Integrated Rolscreens

These Pella® Reserve™ - Traditional Double Hung Windows feature a nifty Integrated Rolscreen® that only appears when you open the window and rolls up out of sight when closed. It’s self-storing, keeps views through the glass totally clear, and is still practically invisible when deployed.

View-Preserving Screens

Unless you’re the type to store screens in the off season, they’ll typically sit behind the glass of your operable windows year-round. Modern window screens are much less visually obstructive than those of the past, but you can still usually see the difference between them and totally clear glass. This is why hidden screens, which are pulled into place only when a window opens and retract back into their housing when the window closes, are such a cool invention.

Unlike standard screens that attach to the whole window frame, hidden or roll screens only attach on one side of the frame and the adjacent part of the window sash. This allows them to roll in and out of use only as much as needed. Of course, it also means that these integrated screens are only compatible with sliding sash window types—think single hung, double hung, and side-to-side sliding windows. If you’re planning to use casement windows that swing open, you can still specify retractable screens, but they won’t be attached to the sash and you’ll have to manually pull them up into place. The clearer views that result from hidden screens, whether integrated or just retractable, are a great way to help elevate your home’s design without losing out on the practical benefits screens have to offer.

Pella Lifestyle Series Wood Casement Windows with Between-the-Glass Shades

If you think it’s a hassle to get windows outfitted with blinds or shades, you’ll love that Pella® Lifestyle Series Wood Casement Windows can come straight from the factory with Between-the-Glass Shades. They offer simple operation whether you keep them manual or opt for motorization and remote control!

Built-In Light Control

Most windows are outfitted with shades or blinds to provide privacy and light control. This step typically occurs as part of interior design and can prove tricky when it comes to measuring and installation. Additionally, most people find cleaning shades and blinds difficult, and they can pose a serious strangulation hazard to young kids and pets due to their corded operation. If you want to do away with inconveniences and dangers of regular window treatments, you’ll be glad to know that there is an all-around better alternative.

Windows with shades or blinds between the glass make the most of modern double- and triple-pane construction. First, they come fully integrated into the window unit, so you can control light and privacy in your home as soon as the windows are installed. You also don’t have to worry about any dust settling on the louvers or fabric. All movements—raising, lowering, and adjusting—are controlled by a simple operator on the window sash that eliminates cords entirely and makes these nifty treatments safe for the whole family! Between-the-glass shades and blinds are available on hinged, single-sash casement and awning windows and come in a range of colors to suit your tastes, too.

Pella Smart Home with Insynctive Technology

Worried that you may have left a window open? With Smart Home with Insynctive® Technology, you can check on the status of windows from anywhere. Security sensors will let you know what’s open and closed, and you can even set up custom notification triggers that alert you if things change.

App Connection

If you want an automated home, you’ll be happy to know that windows are compatible with smart technology these days. After market sensors that you apply yourself are common, but you can also order windows with built-in sensors to keep the frames free of visible modifications. And if you’ve decided on integrated blinds or shades, you may choose to add motorization for even more convenience!

Many people appreciate the peace of mind that smart windows have to offer. Sensors allow you to check whether windows are open or closed in real time on an app, and you can also set alerts that let you know when one opens or if it’s been open for a significant amount of time. For motorized shades and blinds, you can operate them remotely in the moment or on a set schedule to darken bedrooms for better sleep, help you wake naturally with the sun, or make your home seem occupied when you aren’t there. Smart windows are compatible with a variety of security and automation services, so you can build a whole-home system with them, too.

Whatever sort of windows you’re in the market for, take a look at what Pella® has to offer! They have lines catering to different budgets and practical needs, so make sure to explore the possibilities afforded by each. If you’d like to discuss options with the experts and find the best solution for your home, schedule a free consultation today!

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