How Gray Garage Doors Match Any Home

by Megan Cooney, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

When in doubt, gray it out. Gray garage doors are unique because they can complement any style of home—they're a surprisingly versatile option you might not have considered before. Let’s see how shades of gray can suit different architecture!

Clopay Modern Steel Collection

A Modern Steel™ Collection door contributes natural depth and character to a modern home designed in grayscale.

A Clean and Neutral Vibe

Modern homes are minimalistic, so it’s only natural that their color palettes are neutral or rely heavily on these hues. Oftentimes these houses have one central color—typically white—accompanied by another muted color. Gray is a favorite because it doesn't compete with other colors and offsets any accents with ease. With the right chic lines and style, neutral gray garage doors tie together the motif of your home and give off a new, crisp, clean vibe.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra-Grain Series

Along with stone and shingle siding, Canyon Ridge® Collection Ultra-Grain® Series doors in Cypress Slate finish create a rustic exterior design that adds older natural charm.

A Charmingly Aged Appearance

Traditional homes, and colonial homes in particular, look beautiful with deep gray garage doors reminiscent of naturally weathered wood. Real wood and faux wood garage doors contain a complexity of design, and gray clearly exposes the details of the grain, much like a black and white photo. These garage doors maintain the charming traditional theme of a house, give it an extra pop of historical appeal, and can also add a modern twist depending on the model you choose.

Clopay Coachman Collection

White board & batten siding, terracotta-colored tiles, copper gutters—you might not be able to decide if this is a farmhouse, beachy vacation home, or Mediterranean design. In any case, a custom-painted dark gray Coachman® Collection door looks fantastic!

Supreme Adaptability

There are many shades of “adaptable gray” that work for practically every home. These aren't too dark nor too light. Think of them as occupying a happy medium that won’t distract from and can enhance the beauty of the house as a whole. You'll find adaptable grays in real wood, faux wood, and painted finishes, so they really expand the possibilities. Whether you're looking for a solid look, or perhaps a two-tone carriage house style, gray has a lot of potential.

Still unsure if these looks are right for your home? Check out Clopay’s® plethora of garage door options—you'll find that they have plenty of gray, factory-finished surfaces, and you also have the opportunity to custom finish doors to your exact liking. Find a local dealer to see what they can do for you!

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