Kitchen Appliances Specialized for Your Needs

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Your kitchen is so much more than just a kitchen—it has unique parameters and unique users. Have you considered what you really want and how to make it happen within the space allotted? Don’t forget that you can look beyond basic appliance suites to build the solution that works best for you! Here are some of the options to consider to make sure you choose the right kitchen appliances for your home.

Jenn-Air Pro-Style Gas Range with Griddle and MultiMode Convection

If you want luxury and tons of cooking flexibility in a compact package, consider the 48” Pro-Style® Gas Range with Griddle and MultiMode® Convection from Jenn-Air®. It packs two side-by-side ovens and six sealed burners into one high-performance appliance.

Space-Conscious Arrangements

A small kitchen can be just as productive as a larger one, so long as it has a good layout and a cook who knows how to use it. Some homeowners actually prefer compact kitchens because they can be so efficient for a single user. You can do plenty in limited space with the right appliances—you just need to shop with measurements in mind, because smaller-than-standard models aren’t usually put on showroom floors, and they show up farther down search results because fewer people need them.

Narrow refrigerators, dishwashers, and even ranges are available. Even if you can make standard widths fit, you might prefer slimmer appliances because they offer the potential for more countertop and cabinet space—aspects of small kitchens that are always at a premium. Most families don’t nearly utilize the full capacities of their appliances, so be honest about your actual needs. On the other hand, if you really do need to maximize cooking functionality, you’ll find ranges with two ovens—side-by-side if you have the space, or stacked within a standard width—as well as undercounter and overhead microwaves that make it possible to build a personalized solution. Just be sure to sketch out some layout options and scrutinize them for functionality before committing to any purchases.

KitchenAid Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 4 Elements

This spacious kitchen is designed for a team to spread out and conquer, and its open ambiance is thanks to the 30” Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 4 Elements from KitchenAid®. There’s no need for a hood to block any sightlines, making this arrangement ideal for hosts.

Layouts That Fill Space

There’s been a trend toward voluminous kitchens for quite some time, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this feature is on your list. While it might seem easier to outfit a larger room, that’s not necessarily true. Do you have one cook in the family, or will multiple people be involved? How will that affect appliance arrangement? Spacing everything out is obviously preferable to bunching it all together, but you should aim to create natural, practical work zones. You can learn more about designing a kitchen in our article, Finding the Perfect Appliance Arrangement.

Large kitchens accommodate standard appliances without any issues, but there are plenty of grander models to consider. Some families might invest in commercial-style, double-wide refrigerators and heavy-duty ranges to ensure they can stock up on perishable groceries and cook up a storm. You can also opt for a cooktop and wall oven(s) instead of a single range to make it easier for two people to work without getting in each other’s way. In any case, leave counterspace around every appliance to keep supplies easily at hand and so you always have room to put dishes down nearby.

Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination

With a super slim shape and powerful venting, this 1.1 cu. ft. Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination from Whirlpool® opens all sorts of possibilities. It saves cabinet and counter space, offers a very accommodating capacity, and banishes steam, smoke, and odor!

Choosing Convenient Appliances for Your Family

Do you want appliances that bring more to the table? You’ll be glad to know there’s never been a better time for bells and whistles. You’ll find a variety of stylish finishes, lines and shapes ranging from traditional to contemporary, and features that improve convenience. There are cooktops with easy-to-clean surfaces, unobtrusive yet powerful venting options, and all kinds of app-control through smart devices—more information on this up-and-coming topic can be found in Why You’ll Love Smart Kitchen Appliances. Take a look around and you’ll see aesthetic and functional diversity that means you can really build the kitchen of your dreams.

If you’re on the search for a home with an awesome kitchen, check out our Fabulous Kitchen House Plans. We’ve included all sorts of homes, in every size and style, so long as their kitchens are designed particularly well. We can help with structural modifications, if necessary, but your general contractor should be able to personalize your layout and help you select appliances that work for what you have. The kitchen is the biggest investment in your home, so make sure you love it!

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