Why You'll Love Smart Kitchen Appliances

by Katrina Sutphin, Contributing Writer for Direct from the Designers™

We all know that scrubbing clothes on a washboard and washing dishes by hand are things of the past, but did you know that your washer and dryer can now recommend the best time to wash clothes to save on energy bills, or that your oven can help you decide what’s for dinner? Innovations in smart appliance technology are making life easier than ever. Check out the great new ways that smart appliances can make your life more convenient, save you time, and even help out with meal planning!

Whirlpool App

The Whirlpool App connects your exact appliances (not just any within Wi-Fi range!) to your devices. You can select the settings you need from your phone and also enjoy the benefits of voice control when connected to a virtual assistant.

Voice Control Technology

Have you ever had a morning like this: you’ve heated up that cup of coffee five times, but life has gotten in the way, and now that you’ve finally sat down to enjoy it, you’ve forgotten to push the start button on the dishwasher! If you have a smart appliance, you’ve got nothing to worry about! Smart appliances are now able to work with Google Assistant, Google Home, and Alexa, and can respond to simple voice commands and instructions. Interacting with smart appliances is easier than ever and voice command technology is constantly being updated and improved. Asking your dishwasher or oven to turn on and off is now a breeze and can be done all from the comfort of your seat!

Whirlpool Scan-to-Cook

Find an oven with Scan-to-Cook technology to slash the time spent reading and inputting directions to prepare frozen foods. It's available in ranges, wall ovens, and microwaves!

A Guided Cooking Experience

Let’s face it, not everyone was born a gourmet chef, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to whip up a fabulous meal, right? Why not get some help to make sure your meal turns out just right! Smart appliances are now smarter than ever, working together with apps such as Yummly that use image recognition technology to recommend recipes based on foods you already have in your pantry. The app will send cooking times and temperatures right to your oven, ensuring a perfect meal every time! Special diets, food allergies, or just plain old picky eaters are no match for today’s smart appliance integrated apps that can take all your preferences into consideration and recommend the perfect recipe to meet your needs. You can even see nutritional information and calorie counts and order ingredients right to your door, all while enjoying seamless integration with your smart devices. If you’ve ever felt like you have tons of food and nothing to eat, technology can make figuring out what’s for dinner a snap!

Whirlpool Yummly

Quickly find recipes with Yummly—it takes everything into account, including what's in the fridge, dietary restrictions, and the time available. Then it walks you and your appliances through preparation so your meal is perfect!

More Time with the Family

Time is so important and there never seems to be enough of it. We are all busy, and we are only getting busier. The time we are able to make to spend with loved ones and family is even more valuable. No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen because they have to constantly check on a roast. Don’t be left out! Now with smart appliances, everything is app-connected, so you don't have to be in the kitchen to monitor what’s in the oven! Appliances can be integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, and Nest to remind you if you’ve left food in the oven or even to monitor your peak energy usage and save you money! Your time is valuable—are you taking full advantage of the great new smart appliances on the market today?

You’ll love how smart appliances can make your day easier, help make sure that important dish turns out just right, and even save money. Whether you’re ready to update that old, outdated oven or create an entire smart home of your dreams, Whirlpool® has the perfect appliances for you. Whirlpool® offers plenty of innovative appliances that make everyday life easier and pay for themselves with convenience and time-saving technology. Find the best solutions for your home and take back your day!

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