Protect Your Home with Impact-Rated and Weatherized Doors

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

You expect your front entry to be beautiful and welcome you home every day. You’ve probably even given thought to how it can affect your household energy efficiency with its level of insulation and the tightness of its seals. Of course these are important, but have you ever considered if your door and any surrounding decorative glass will protect you from flying debris during a storm? Most people don’t immediately consider impact-rated products for their homes and assume that a regular door is strong enough when locked, but for those who live in high wind and hurricane zones, the extra security of a door designed to take a hit is an undeniable asset. Learn about impact-rated and extra tightly sealed options available from Therma-Tru(R) Doors that are designed to protect you and your home when the weather is at its worst!

Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection

This Fiber-Classic(R) Mahogany Collection(TM) door system could consist of Impact-Rated Products from Therma-Tru Doors, but you wouldn’t notice anything beyond its beauty. The granite glass provides privacy and security and features special laminated construction glass, making this door system suitable for Wind-Borne Debris Regions.

Understanding Needs and Options for Hurricane Protection

Coastal regions often face harsh storms that bring strong winds and airborne debris, which is why Florida has some of the strictest and most comprehensive building codes in the country. Most of Florida and areas along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts have been deemed Wind-Borne Debris Regions (WBDRs), while Miami-Dade and Broward counties are considered at higher risk, making up a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) that requires the utmost in protective preparation.

For WBDRs, a standard Therma-Tru(R) fiberglass door will suffice, as it is designed to withstand wind forces up to 167 mph, but impact-rated glass is necessary. This is available in many different styles, for doorlites and sidelites, and it gives you plenty of options for dressing up curb appeal so you can appreciate your entryway no matter the weather. This glass is laminated for extra strength and is placed in a special Impact Lip-Lite Frame, but it is still beautiful and you can’t tell by looking that it has been reinforced to withstand storms. Entryways for HVHZ use are similar, but they feature a solid steel-plate reinforced fiberglass door. Impact glass can still be selected for sidelites. This arrangement is designed to withstand wind forces up to 195 mph.

Most areas of the country won’t ever experience winds that can send a piece of wood straight through a door, but people who do live in these places will be glad to hear that entries meant for them are tested by firing studs from an air cannon. When this is what you need to protect against, there really is no substitute.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Oak Collection

This gorgeous Classic-Craft(R) Oak Collection(TM) door system with Cambridge(TM) decorative glass is only one example of the multitude of entryway designs that can be weatherized for nature’s worst with the Tru-Defense(R) Door System.

Keeping the Weather Out

For most of us, keeping wind and water out is the extent of our worries. Seals around doors can fail—and you can usually tell when they do, because you can feel drafts even when the door is closed. This is a problem for multiple reasons, because it works against your heating and cooling systems and can even let water seep into the frame. When the weather gets particularly inhospitable, you don’t want to feel it coming inside!

The Tru-Defense(R) Door System is available on all of Therma-Tru’s(R) fiberglass doors. If you opt for this extra line of defense, four components will contribute to the increase in efficiency and performance. A weatherstrip, corner seal pad, door bottom sweep, and profiled sill maximize the seal between the door and its frame to guarantee that air and water cannot infiltrate into the home. No matter where you live and what your environment has to throw at you, you will appreciate the benefits. And of course, you can choose this extra protection alongside impact-rated products to create an entryway that will stand strong against Mother Nature.

If you’re interested in installing an impact-rated door system, check out the many impact-rated options that are available for your consideration. Fiber-Classic(R) Mahogany Collection(TM) and Oak Collection(TM) doors, as well as Smooth-Star(R) and Pulse(R) Línea doors, offer beautiful decorative glass choices for most coastal locations. For the High Velocity Hurricane Zone, Classic-Craft(R) Mahogany Collection(TM), Rustic Collection(TM), Oak Collection(TM), and Canvas Collection(R) doors are added to the list. As you can tell, there are plenty of stunning door systems that offer this top level of protection, so take the time to find the perfect complement for your home. Find your local Therma-Tru(R) dealer to help you choose the best solution for you!

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