Stunning Windows That Maximize Views

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for Direct from the Designers™

Are you looking to flood your interior with natural light? Perhaps your lot has some views you don’t want to lose behind walls? Well, you’re in luck—you can outfit your home with very large windows and other innovative solutions that weren’t available in years past! Take a look at some of the possibilities, and bring up your ideas with a house plan advisor or your builder early on to ensure you love the final results when you build.

Pella Reserve - Traditional Wood Double-Hung Windows

Like a more traditional look? Consider something like this series of Pella® Reserve™ - Traditional Wood Double-Hung Windows, which features lite-free construction for clearer views. The wood interiors can be stained or painted to suit your style!

Windows in Series

While modern architecture is known and loved for including walls of windows, it can be difficult to employ that feature in other types of homes. Some people don’t want to lose the charm of their chosen style, and others are afraid that their house might not be able to pull it off. If you want to take it to extremes, it’s important to consult with an expert to make sure your ideas are structurally supported, but you’ll find it’s actually not difficult to come up with something that fits aesthetically.

Sunrooms, nooks, bedrooms, and main living spaces are all prime places to install a series of windows. Lining them up frame-to-frame gives you a panoramic effect no matter the type of windows you choose. Single-sash options are preferred for contemporary homes, but it also works with double hung windows and even those with thoughtfully placed divided lites; this helps preserve the look of traditional homes while providing a view-capturing arrangement that they wouldn’t traditionally have. As always, consider the size of the windows and different divided lite patterns to decide what works best for your house and your views. And if you have a lot of vertical wall space, don’t be afraid to fill it with some picture or other windows, too!

Pella Lifestyle Series Windows

This contemporary home maximizes natural light and sights with floor-to-ceiling Pella® Lifestyle Series Windows. Available in large sizes and offering unobstructed views, direct set windows are preferred for all sorts of modern and modern fusion architecture.

Windows with the Clearest Sightlines

If you want to prioritize clear views above all else, you probably don’t want any divided lites or multi-sash windows with checkrails. Look into expansive picture, casement, and specialty shape windows, which have long been the favorite for contemporary designs, instead. They combine well with awning windows, too, if you’d like to keep some smaller operational ones in the mix for fresh air.

Consider a variety of windows to figure out what will best complement your design vision. Even if they’re the same type, there are differences between window lines that usually come down to their frames and how large they can be manufactured. So, perhaps you’d like narrower frames to maximize glass and minimize the lines between windows? Maybe a special-order height would fit your space better than standard sizes? It’s well worth the time to compare the options!

Pella Impervia Fiberglass Casement and Awning Windows

Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Casement and Awning Windows have been used here to create a window seat with stunning mountain views. This kind of setup is popular in living and dining areas, bedrooms, and bonus rooms—everybody enjoys a good nook!

Windows That Extend Outside

Want to feel like your interior connects to the outdoors even more? Look into window structures that extend out! Corner windows that provide 270-degree views are popular for modern homes while bay windows have been a mainstay of many types of traditional architecture for centuries. Bow windows are ideal for those who prefer a broad curve of glass rather than angled panes. You can also invest in a window seat that provides a comfortable bench with windows on three sides; whether you have particularly good views or not, the sunny nook of a window seat can really augment a foyer, dinette, bedroom, or any other space.

Explore the myriad window options from Pella® to complete your home! They offer a huge catalog of products to suit all sorts of designs, so you’ll find beautiful solutions whether you’re building to rustic traditional tastes or need soaring panes to make a contemporary statement. All windows and doors are designed for durability and energy efficiency; you’ll find plenty of impact-rated products for coastal areas and glass options to tailor windows to every climate. Schedule a free consultation for help selecting the perfect products for your needs!

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