Window Designs to Brighten Your Kitchen

by Rachel Lyon, Direct from the Designers™’ Assistant Editorial Director

Having windows around your entire home, you might not realize just how important they are in specific locations. If you’ve ever experienced a windowless kitchen, perhaps in an old apartment building or as part of a renovation afterthought, you’ll know just how cramped, dark, and uncomfortable the situation feels.

Natural light and the opening feeling that well-placed windows provide instantly make a kitchen a pleasant place to be. Whether you’re an avid baker or reluctant chef, here are some window ideas to help make your kitchen a place where you’ll love to spend your time.

Wood-Ultrex Casement Windows from Integrity® from Marvin® Windows and Doors extend beyond the sink to brighten this entire kitchen.

Wood-Ultrex Casement Windows from Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors

A Sink with a View

Most homes are already designed with at least one window by the sink. Not only is this the easiest place to put one, what with the lack of overhead cabinets and appliances, but it also improves the mood of the area where you’ll be doing mundane tasks like washing up. Large windows by the sink immediately light up the space, so widen them to spread this effect across your countertops, too.

Casement windows are fantastic for kitchens because they are large and the opening motion from side hinges allows you to direct breezes to your liking. Also look into something like the Wood-Ultrex Bay and Bow windows from Integrity® from Marvin® Windows and Doors, which will provide a panoramic view of the outdoors and make your sink area feel absolutely spacious.

The extensive use of Integrity Windows in this kitchen creates a naturally illuminated space that is gorgeous and welcoming. The skylights direct more sun over the workspace and reduce the need for other lighting.

Bright Skylights by Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors

Light from Above

We put most of our interior lighting overhead, so it only makes sense that we do the same with natural light. Skylights are a fantastic way to breathe life into a kitchen. Pouring sunlight over your counters improves the beauty and feel of the space and might even convince you to enjoy spending more time preparing meals while basking in the warmth.

If skylights aren’t an option for your architecture, consider placing some windows high on the walls to let in more light at a similar angle. Take advantage of some of that wasted space above cabinets if you can. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can even install windows on the walls under your cabinets to directly brighten your countertops for a sleek, modern design. Integrity’s Polygon Windows are the perfect solution for this very specific project, since they are made with daring contemporary uses in mind.

Even a small kitchen can seem large so long as the light source isn’t impeded. All Ultrex Casement Windows bring out the beauty of this modern kitchen without the use of window treatments.

Modern Kitchen from Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors

Keep It Open

While window treatments are a fabulous way to tie together your home design, there are places where you can be better off without them. If you’re trying to light up your kitchen, blocking even just the corners of your windows with curtains will have a drastic negative effect on your goal. Kitchen windows do their best when they’re big, wide, and unobstructed, so try to pick a design that you like on its own without needing to be spruced up.

As you look at windows for your kitchen, try to imagine making your space seem as large as possible. With all the countertop appliances available to us now, sometimes we lose the feeling of space that we thought we would always have. Reclaim it with some windows that’ll brighten your kitchen workspace and help to create a cooling breeze when you need it most.

Keep these tips in mind and you will have a well-lit inviting kitchen that you will love for years to come. Take a look at Integrity Windows Inspiration Gallery to find a kitchen window design that inspires you!

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